Protecting Ontario's Greenbelt

What’s nearly 2 million acres and runs through one of the most populated parts of Canada? That would be Ontario's world renowned Greenbelt.

Ontario's Greenbelt protects green space, farmland and local food sources, rivers, streams and environmentally-sensitive areas from sprawl. These areas are home to birds and wildlife and help protect our drinking water. But that's not all; the Greenbelt also prevents pollution and provides people with a better quality of life.

And, it's there because of Environmental Defence's work.


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As Ontario's Greenbelt celebrates its 10th birthday, the Greenbelt Plan is under review. This is a chance to strengthen the Greenbelt. Stronger policies can protect our forests, drinking water sources and farmland while encouraging the growth of healthier communities.

We're also working with local communities that want to protect their green space to grow the Greenbelt. We've had great success so far, working with our partners in the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance. Communities like Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville and Guelph have all committed to growing the Greenbelt and in doing so, protect our green spaces, drinking water and quality of life. 

Read more on the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance website.