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Did you know that the most common dry cleaning methods add to air pollution while putting dry clean workers and nearby residents at risk?

Environmental Defence reviewed data from the City of Toronto that show widespread use of harmful dry cleaning chemicals. The main culprit: a dry cleaning chemical called PERC that’s linked to various forms of cancers. PERC and other toxic dry cleaning chemicals continue to pollute the air we breathe despite the fact that a non-toxic, sustainable alternative is available – wet cleaning.

We looked at various U.S. jurisdictions and their efforts to phase out PERC, a chemical that’s been used in dry cleaning since the 1950s. Our report shows what measures work and how we can get a transition to non-toxic, sustainable garment cleaning underway here in Canada with the right policy mix.

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Demand greater transparency about toxic chemicals in goods and services, including dry cleaning window signs. Easy-to-understand window signs that disclose what dry cleaning chemicals are being used would go a long way.

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Canadians don’t have to risk their health for stain-free clothing. Take a look at our pocket guide on dry cleaning with handy info and tips.

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