About Fossil Fuel Subsidies in Canada

It’s been more than 10 years since Canada pledged to end fossil fuel subsidies – and yet public financial supports for the oil and gas industry keep rising. Learn more about Canada’s record on fossil fuel subsidies and why eliminating these harmful policies is key to addressing the climate crisis

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What are fossil fuel subsidies and financial supports?

Why are there such different numbers for subsidies and supports?

How much federal support was provided to oil and gas companies in 2020?

Is financial support to oil and gas to reduce their emissions considered a subsidy?

Why are fossil fuel subsidies bad?

Has the government promised action on fossil fuel subsidies?

Given the negative impact of subsidies, why do they exist and why hasn’t the government made more progress in eliminating them?

Do provinces give fossil fuel subsidies?

Will eliminating fossil fuel subsidies hurt workers?

Have other governments taken action on subsidies and public financing? How does Canada compare?

Aren’t subsidies far outpaced by royalties and revenue from oil and gas?

What should Canada be doing?