At Environmental Defence, we perform research and publish reports and guides to educate the public about environmental challenges facing our communities, then provide roadmaps for steps we can take to tackle these challenges. Take a look some of our most recent reports:

Our Reports

Canada’s Climate Change Commitments: Deep Enough?
About The Report: Canada has pledged to significantly reduce greenhouse gases under the Paris Agreement on climate change. However, our current national action plan… Read the Report

About The Report: New poll shows Canadians want to end public subsidies for oil and gas companies Read the Report

Smart Growth Toolkit
About The Report: This report suggests opportunities and tools for public engagement in the planning process. It is the outcome of a workshop session with ratepayers groups, NGOs, and municipal leaders. Read the Report

Less is More: The benefits to Canadians mount as emissions of oil and gas methane decline
Canada is poised to realize benefits of almost $9 billion from implementing its regulations to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas sector. But Alberta’s draft methane regulations won’t measure up without significant improvements.Read the Report

What’s in your lunch?
How a harmful weed killer finds its way into your children’s food.Read the Report

Media Backgrounder: Incineration of Plastic Waste
Backgrounder on why incineration is not the answer to Canada’s plastic pollution problem.Read the Report

Talking Trash: Canada’s plastic pollution problem
Plastic pollution is literally piling up around us. Canada only recycles 11 per cent of its plastic waste, letting the rest accumulate in landfills or the environment, and currently has no national waste strategy for dealing with the problem.Read the Report

Our Guides

The Toxic Ten Pocket Guide
Canadians put toxics on their skin every day from the products they use. Cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting, and allergy-inducing substances can be found in many Canadian products. Read the Guide

The BPA Pocket Guide
BPA can be found not just in food cans, but also in many other consumer goods. Learn how you and your loved ones can lower the risk of exposure to BPA with our handy pocket guide. Read the Guide

The Problem With Bottled Water
Bottled water is a big business in Canada. But its cost on the environment and your wallet is even bigger. Here’s the real price of bottled water: Read the Guide

10 Ways You Can Help Keep Our Waters Clean
About the Guide: Simply by going about your daily routines, you might be unknowingly contributing to the pollution of our waterways. Here’s a tip sheet that you can use to help keep Canada’s waters healthy and clean! Read the Guide

Action Checklist
Recommendations to fix Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans Read the Checklist

Mid Term Report Card – Proposed amendments to Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans
A panel led by David Crombie reviewed Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans.Read the Report

Our Submissions

Protecting our Water for Future Generations
We support the provincial initiative to expand the Greenbelt to include significant and sensitive hydrological areas throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This is essential to manage the threat of climate change and maintain the health and well-being of our communities. Read the Submission

Comments on Bill C-69
Our comments on Bill C-69 to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. Read the Submission

CCME Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste
Our comments on the Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste, created by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME). Read the Submission

Regulatory Proposal under Ontario’s Condominium Act, 1998
A joint submission by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and Environmental Defence (ED). TAF and ED were encouraged to see Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer Services put forward proposed regulatory changes to the Condominium Act in support of the expansion of Electrical Vehicle charging infrastructure. Read the Submission