At Environmental Defence, we perform research and publish reports and guides to educate the public about environmental challenges facing our communities, then provide roadmaps for steps we can take to tackle these challenges. Take a look some of our most recent reports:

Our Reports

Drawing from Despots

This report shows how the tactics employed by the Alberta Government to harass, silence and intimidate critics of the oil industry are similar to those ... Read More

Steady Path: How a transition to a fossil-free Canada is in reach for workers and their communities

This brief investigates the actual state of employment in Canada’s fossil fuel industry. It explains why the clean economy transition is manageable for workers in ... Read More

Our Guides

Reject Teck’s Frontier Mine

The federal government is facing an important test of its resolve on climate action: whether to approve or reject what would be Canada’s largest open-pit ... Read More

Toxic Ten chemicals to avoid in skincare products

From washing your face to applying serum for a youthful complexion, our daily skincare routine may involve using as many as 16 personal care products ... Read More

Our Submissions

NGO letter on Plastic Pollution and Listing under CEPA

We ask the government to list “plastic manufactured items” 1 on Schedule 1 of Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) by the end of February 2021 ... Read More

Environmental Defence Submission on Schedule 17 of Bill 197 (Amendments to the Planning Act)

The power to issue Minister’s Zoning Orders should be significantly restricted. Environmental Defence has had the opportunity to review the comments of the Canadian Environmental ... Read More

Comments on the discussion paper for an Ontario low-carbon hydrogen stategy

We appreciate the Province’s interest in exploring hydrogen as a way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, while creating opportunities for economic ... Read More

Open Letter from 53 Organizations on Updating Export Development Canada’s Climate Target

In a time of climate crisis, Crown corporation Export Development Canada is providing oil and gas companies with an average of over CAD 13 billion ... Read More