At Environmental Defence, we perform research and publish reports and guides to educate the public about environmental challenges facing our communities, then provide roadmaps for steps we can take to tackle these challenges. Take a look some of our most recent reports:

Our Reports

No Time To Waste

The world is facing a plastic pollution crisis. Plastic pollution has been found practically everywhere scientists look— in the high arctic and the deep sea, ... Read More

Canada’s Federal Fossil Fuel Subsidies in 2020

Despite a long-standing commitment to phase out fossil fuel subsidies, in 2019, federal subsides to the oil and gas sector reached at least $600 million, ... Read More

Our Guides

Reject Teck’s Frontier Mine

The federal government is facing an important test of its resolve on climate action: whether to approve or reject what would be Canada’s largest open-pit ... Read More

Toxic Ten: Skincare Guide

From washing your face to applying serum for a youthful complexion, our daily skincare routine may involve using as many as 16 personal care products ... Read More

Our Submissions

Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau on Prioritizing Families over the Fossil Fuel Industry

COVID-19 is presenting real and immediate risks to people's health and livelihoods. It is appropriate and necessary for the federal government to make major interventions ... Read More

Financial Support for Fossil Fuels

Due to a lack of transparency and reporting, quantifying the extent of federal supports to the oil and gas sector is a difficult task. Federal ... Read More

Joint Letter on Achieving Canada’s objectives through implementation of the Impact Assessment Act

This joint letter to the Minister of the Environment and Climate Change urges the government to make the strong implementation of these laws a priority ... Read More