At Environmental Defence, we perform research and publish reports and guides to educate the public about environmental challenges facing our communities, then provide roadmaps for steps we can take to tackle these challenges. Take a look some of our most recent reports:

Our Reports

Doubling Down With Taxpayer Dollars

In the last three fiscal years, the government of Alberta has provided $4.8 billion in subsidies to the oil, gas and coal industries through a ... Read More
receipts toxic BPA BPS cashiers

The Hidden Cost of Receipts

Every day, Canadians are exposed to BPA, a toxic chemical linked to prostate and breast cancer, simply by touching receipts. Even when steps are taken ... Read More

Our Guides

Mid Term Report Card – Proposed amendments to Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans

Environmental Defence evaluated Ontario's proposed amendments to the Greenbelt and Growth Plans and issued the report card below. Check out the report card that highlights ... Read More

Action Checklist – Recommendations to fix Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans

Ontario’s Greenbelt and Growth Plans need some major fixes if the provincial government is serious about protecting the Greenbelt and enabling smarter growth in the ... Read More

10 ways You Can Help Keep Our Waters Clean

Simply by going about your daily routines, you might be unknowingly contributing to the pollution of our waterways. Here’s a tip sheet that you can ... Read More

The Problem With Bottled Water

Bottled water is a big business in Canada. But its cost on the environment and your wallet is even bigger. Here's the real price of ... Read More

The BPA Pocket Guide

BPA can be found not just in food cans, but also in many other consumer goods. Learn how you and your loved ones can lower ... Read More

The Toxic Ten Pocket Guide

Canadians are exposed to toxic chemicals every day, but you can reduce your exposure if you know where they lurk. Cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting, and allergy-inducing substances ... Read More

Our Submissions

Joint Comments on Alberta Energy Regulator’s Draft Requirements for Reducing Methane Emissions

Our joint analysis reveals that the Alberta Energy Regulator’s draft oil and gas methane directives 060 and 017 are not credible. Our submission provides more ... Read More

Comments on the Government of Canada’s Consultation Paper on Approach to Revising the Project List: A Proposed Impact Assessment System

EDC argues that the Project List must be improved to ensure all high-carbon energy and industrial projects undergo a federal impact assessment to ensure Canada’s ... Read More

Fixing Canada’s Broken Energy Regulator and Making Bill C-69 Climate-Safe

EDC’s submission focuses on the Canadian Energy Regulator Act and sections of the Impact Assessment Act, that can help ensure that the federal government’s environmental ... Read More

CCME Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste

Our comments on the Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste, created by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME). Download the submission (English) ... Read More

Comments on Bill C-69

Our comments on Bill C-69 to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts. Download the submission (English) (Adobe Reader ... Read More

Protecting our Water for Future Generations

We support the provincial initiative to expand the Greenbelt to include significant and sensitive hydrological areas throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe. This is essential to ... Read More

Regulatory Proposal under Ontario’s Condominium Act, 1998

A joint submission by The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and Environmental Defence (ED). TAF and ED were encouraged to see Ontario’s Ministry of Government and Consumer ... Read More