About The Backgrounder:

Written by Kent Elson, this plan provides a pathway to reduce carbon emissions from fossil gas (aka “natural gas”) in a way that will create good green jobs, lower energy bills, and grow the economy. This may seem impossible, but it is very possible. For this to happen, the Ontario Government needs to:

• Heavily invest in programs to help Ontarians make their buildings and heating equipment much more efficient and carbon-neutral (e.g. with insulation, better windows, high-efficiency electric heat pumps, etc.);
• Finance these investments at low government interest rates;
• Roll out people-centric programs made for all Ontarians, like subsidized no-money-down efficiency programs with zero interest; and
• Decarbonize the electricity grid.

By making our buildings and equipment more efficient, we can use less energy and save money. Efficiency upgrades can pay for themselves with energy savings while also creating a vast quantity of high-quality green renovation and green energy jobs.


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