About The Report:

Canadian children are being born pre-polluted.

Environmental Defence tested the umbilical cord blood of three anonymous newborns in the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton for PBDEs (flame retardants), PCBs (a banned chemicals), PFCs (found in non-stick coatings), Organochlorine pesticides, dioxins and furans, mercury and lead which are chemicals that are known to be pervasive in the environment and are linked to serious health problems. Out of the 310 chemicals tested for, a total of 137 were found in the three babies.

This first of its kind evidence demonstrates that babies are being burdened with a toxic chemical load before they are born. When it comes to toxic chemicals and our environment, it is more evident than ever that there’s no time to waste.

We have recommendations for the government and industry to help protect the health of Canadians for generations to come.

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