Canada misses the mark (again) in its decision to not ban harmful phthalates

Jan 16, 2018 by Muhannad Malas (Program Manager, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

If you were told that your go-to brand of cheese contained a toxic ingredient, would you continue to eat it? What if it was…Read More

What’s the real cost of building the proposed GTA West Highway?

Jan 11, 2018 by Susan Lloyd Swail (Senior Manager, Livable Communities)

Categories: Greenbelt, Smart Growth

The Ontario government is about to make a big decision that will tell us a lot about what the future of the Greater Toronto…Read More

Asbestos found in Claire’s makeup – another reason why action is needed to protect Canadians from toxics

Jan 10, 2018 by Sarah Jamal (Program Coordinator, Toxics)

Categories: Toxics

Last week, Claire’s, an international retailer of teen accessories and cosmetics, recalled nine makeup kits (including eye shadow and blush) after a lab found…Read More

Polar vortex is another sign of erratic weather fuelled by climate change

Jan 09, 2018 by Patrick DeRochie (Program Manager, Climate & Energy)

Categories: Climate Change

I’m the kind of guy that likes winter, but I must admit that the last couple weeks were unusually frigid. Recently, prominent politicians and…Read More

Why we all need to be included in the discussion to successfully tackle climate change in Ontario

Jan 08, 2018 by Daniella Niddery (Engagement Coordinator)

Categories: Climate Change, Engagement

As Canadians, we often joke about how extreme our weather can get from one day to the next. When it is -25 C out…Read More

What's in store for the New Year? Our predictions for the biggest environmental news stories in 2018

Dec 28, 2017 by Tim Gray (Executive Director)

Categories: Environmental Defence

2017 was a big year for environmental news. The Energy East pipeline was cancelled, record low prices were set for solar and wind power,…Read More

Meridian Quarry expansion in Burlington highlights lunacy of grandfathered permits

Dec 21, 2017 by Guest Blog ()

Categories: Environmental Defence, Greenbelt

This is a guest blog by Claire Malcolmson, the Responsible Aggregate consultant for Environmental Defence Imagine if your neighbor informed you that there was a…Read More

Filling the hole in your house you didn’t know was there

Dec 21, 2017 by Guest Blog ()

Categories: Clean Economy

This is a guest blog by Brad Cundiff, environmental writer Did you know the energy your home loses everyday is the equivalent of having a…Read More

Announcing the winner of the MEC bike giveaway contest!

Dec 18, 2017 by Rachel Kitchin (Digital Engagement Manager)

Categories: Clean Economy, Climate Change

  Donnah from Belleville, ON, was the lucky winner of our MEC bike giveaway back in September.  Congratulations, Donnah!   Like many of us,…Read More

How to reduce your home carbon footprint and stop money from flying out the window

Dec 13, 2017 by Sarah Buchanan (Program Manager, Clean Economy)

Categories: Clean Economy, Climate Change

  Now that winter is here, are you feeling the drafts whistling through your doors and windows? You can do more than throw on…Read More