Jun 19, 2024 / Climate Change

Climate Villains Called to Testify on Parliament Hill: 5 Things we Learned from MPs questioning Big Oil

Recently, CEOs from five of the biggest oil and gas companies in Canada were called to parliament to testify about their failure to bring…Read More

Jun 18, 2024 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Greenbelt: In Through the Back Door

This is a guest blog by Melanie Duckett-Wilson, former Toronto and York Region educator.   As a member of Climate Action Newmarket Aurora and…Read More

Jun 17, 2024 / Climate Change

2024 Top Lobbyists: Suncor was the most active lobbyist from January to March

Hi Lobby Bot followers! We’re excited to be back sharing some juicy updates from the first three months of this year. We’re moving to…Read More

Jun 17, 2024 / Climate Change

One Path to Better Affordability is Climate Change Action – Really

Recently, the CBC, working with pollster Janet Brown, released the results of its annual spring report card on Alberta’s political and economic well-being. The…Read More

Jun 12, 2024 / Climate Change

Climate Change is Costing You at the Grocery Store

Grocery prices keep going up, and it is hurting our wallets. You may have noticed getting price-gouged at the grocery store, but you may…Read More

Jun 10, 2024 / Climate Change

Setting the Record Straight: Climate Change and Wildfires in Canada

The increase in greenhouse gas emissions has made many parts of the world hotter and drier. These conditions are ideal for extreme wildfires, like…Read More

Jun 04, 2024 / Movement Building

Our Constitutional Rights are at Risk: Why the Notwithstanding Clause is Cause for Concern

A country’s Constitution is the set of rules that everyone must follow for it to run well. We should all resist those who want…Read More

Jun 04, 2024 / Climate Change

Treetops and Tar Sands: What I learned from a photography exhibit

The True Cost of Oil photography exhibit, presented by Environmental Defence and Keepers of the Water, took place from May 15th to June 1st….Read More

May 31, 2024 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Proposed Landfill Threatens Freshwater Ecosystems and Species at Risk Living in the Sydenham River

This is a guest blog by Brendon Samuels. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology at Western University where he studies…Read More

May 29, 2024

It’s Time to Phase Out the Portlands Gas Plant

Ontario is ramping up the use of gas plants in the middle of a climate crisis instead of making the sensible decision and switching…Read More