Nov 26, 2021 / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Hamilton Votes to End Sprawl: Stop Sprawl Hamilton saves thousands of acres & sets a precedent for the GTHA

In a game-changing victory for the people of Hamilton and the future of the region’s forests and farmland, Hamilton’s City Council has voted by…Read More

Nov 25, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario

The Auditor General gives Ontario a failing grade on its climate progress 

It’s an F for Ontario. The Auditor General of Ontario just gave the province a dismal 27 per cent grade on its climate progress…Read More

Nov 19, 2021 / Climate Change / Movement Building / Plastic Pollution / Safeguarding Freshwater / Toxics

10 things we want to see in next week’s Speech from the Throne

What on Earth is the Speech from the Throne? The 44th session of Parliament is set to start next week. To kick off the…Read More

Nov 17, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Protecting Ontario’s environment

Why we took part in the Day of Action against Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass

This is a guest blog by Irene Ford and Jenni Le Forestier Since Premier Ford decided to become a champion of highways there has…Read More

Nov 17, 2021 / Climate Change

What happened at COP26 in Glasgow?

COPs break my heart. Pretty much every time.  Global injustices get put under a microscope, and magnified for the world to see. Ministers from…Read More

Nov 16, 2021 / Climate Change

In the thick of it: Living on the frontlines of Alberta’s toxic tailings lakes

It was a Wednesday in October 2021 when I first spoke with Jean L’Hommecourt, a Dene woman living in Fort McKay, a community downstream…Read More

Nov 15, 2021 / Plastic Pollution

See you in court, Big Plastic

Big Plastic is suing the federal government for moving to regulate plastics, including a plan promised back in 2019 to ban some of the…Read More

Nov 11, 2021 / Climate Change

Victory! Canada ends financing for international fossil-fuel projects in 2022

Last week, the federal government showed some much-needed climate leadership at COP26, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. Joining an ever growing…Read More

Nov 09, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Protecting Ontario’s environment

413(ish) reasons why building Highway 413 is a very bad idea

Highway 413 has been back in the news lately, and for one very important, and very concerning reason. In the recent  Fall Economic Statement,…Read More

Nov 07, 2021 / Protecting Ontario’s environment / Yours To Protect

Chop, chop: Ontario's Attacks on Endangered Species Keep Coming

Ontario had one of the strongest endangered species laws in the world because the people of Ontario care about our natural heritage. But, throughout…Read More