About The Report:

    The Great Lakes is on the verge of being invaded by the most destructive exotic species it has faced yet: the ravenous and aggressive Asian carp.

    An invasion would be devastating to ecosystem of the Great Lakes, and their tourism, fishing, and boating economies. Because Asian carp breed like crazy, have no natural predators, and can consume as much as 20 per cent of their body weight in a day, they can monopolize food sources and push out native species. Asian carp are known for being able to jump over a metre out of the water and have wreaked havoc on boating and tourism industries in U.S. waters where they have already invaded.

    The fate of the greatest freshwater lake system in the world is hanging on a series of electric fences near Chicago, Illinois to deter fish from swimming from the infested Mississippi River watershed into the Great Lakes. But the fences are not failsafe.

    We need to do more. We have recommendations to help protect the health of the Great Lakes for generations to come.

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