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Car companies like to make big promises of an electric vehicle (EV) future. Meanwhile, they are working hard to sell millions of highly polluting – and highly profitable – SUVs and pickup trucks. They spend big bucks to promote these gas guzzlers – in Canada 4 out 5 car ads are for SUVs and pickups. The result is nearly 80 per cent of the vehicles sold in Canada are SUVs, pickups and vans, contributing to rising emissions from transportation, which is the second largest source of carbon emissions in Canada.

So where are the EVs car companies keep promising? Last year 3.5 per cent of all vehicles sold in Canada were battery electric or plug in hybrids, but when it comes to the SUVs, pickups and vans most Canadians buy, only 1.6 per cent of those are electric. Car makers are slow to roll out affordable EVs, instead sticking to profit making SUVs. These same companies also fight climate change actions like increased fuel efficiency standards. It’s time for the federal government to step in to require car companies to sell more EVs in Canada and to improve incentives to make EVs affordable for all Canadians.

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Watch this video about how car company promises of an electric vehicle (EV) future are hiding today’s SUV cash grab.

Tell the Federal Government to Take Strong Action to get Cleaner Vehicles on Canada’s Roads

We can’t rely on car companies to deliver an electric vehicle future. That’s why we need strong government action to require carmakers to sell more EVs in Canada and to help make them affordable for all Canadians. We’re asking the federal government to:

1. Put new taxes on SUVs and pickups, and divert the additional funds for EV incentives.
2. Strengthen fuel economy regulations to ensure that Canada’s regulations are aligned with the toughest in North America.
3. Introduce a strict zero-emission vehicle standard to require car companies sell an increasing percentage of electric cars, and 100% EVs by 2035 at the latest.
4. Improve financial incentives to make EVs more affordable for everyone.

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