Talking Trash

About The Report: Plastic pollution is literally piling up around us. Canada only recycles 11 per cent of its plastic waste, letting the rest…Read More

Incineration is not recycling

About The Report: Backgrounder on why incineration is not the answer to Canada’s plastic pollution problem.   Download the report (English) (Adobe Reader is…Read More

What's in your lunch?

About The Report: Every day, Canadians are exposed to many chemicals that are linked to adverse health conditions such as cancer, asthma, diabetes and…Read More

Less is More: The benefits to Canadians mount as emissions of oil and gas methane decline

About The Report: Canada is poised to realize benefits of almost $9 billion from implementing its regulations to reduce methane emissions from the oil…Read More

CCME Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste

About The Submission: Our comments on the Draft Framework for Zero Plastic Waste, created by the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME)….Read More

Smart Growth Toolkit

About The Report: This report suggests opportunities and tools for public engagement in the planning process. It is the outcome of a workshop session…Read More

Comments on Bill C-69

About The Submission: Our comments on Bill C-69 to amend the Navigation Protection Act and to make consequential amendments to other Acts.   Download…Read More

National Energy Board Modernization

About The Submission: We support an overhaul of energy and environmental regulation to protect Canada’s natural capital, meet climate commitments, and fulfill the federal…Read More

Protecting our Water for Future Generations

About The Submission: We support the provincial initiative to expand the Greenbelt to include significant and sensitive hydrological areas throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe….Read More

#StopFundingFossils: New poll shows Canadians want to end public subsidies for oil and gas companies

About The Report: New polling shows that Canadians are strongly opposed to federal and provincial governments using public dollars to subsidize oil and gas…Read More