Together we are making a difference

Wildfires, floods, and toxic waste spills dominated the headlines and the lives of people from coast to coast this year. These events highlighted that our work, and yours, is more important than ever.



Ending Climate Change

It has never been more clear that we need urgent action to tackle climate change. This means reducing fossil fuel pollution, stopping new oil and gas extraction projects and transitioning off of fossil fuels, including ending their use to generate electricity.

Building the Clean Economy

In order to move Canada towards a clean economic future, we need policies that ensure workers and communities are supported, financial institutions align their investment practices with our climate goals and cleaner vehicles are put on the road backed by robust public transit systems.

Kicking Out Toxic Chemicals

People in Canada are exposed to thousands of chemicals every day, including bisphenols, phthalates, and PFAS. These substances are linked to cancer, reproductive harms and other serious health effects.

Safeguarding Canada’s Freshwater

The Great Lakes provide drinking water for millions of people, and support billion-dollar economies. These essential bodies of water are facing a multitude of problems, including threats from pipelines and oil spills, nutrient pollution and toxic algae blooms.

Ending Plastic Pollution

The problem with plastic goes beyond litter and landfills. Plastic pollution affects everything from air quality, to climate change to human health. Some of this pollution is hard to see with the naked eye, but it’s all part of the destructive cycle of plastic. This year, we continued the fight to hold industry and government accountable for the plastic pollution crisis.

Ontario Yours to Protect

Over the past year, the provincial government brought a whirlwind onslaught of legal, regulatory and policy attacks on Ontario’s Greenbelt, farms, forests and wetlands.


We wouldn’t exist without you. You signed petitions, attended our events, wrote and called the government and financially supported our programs.


Everything we do is made possible because of your generosity, enthusiasm, passion, and dedication. You inspire us to continue to build a better future by fighting the climate crisis, stopping plastic pollution, eliminating toxic chemicals, saving our forests, farms and wetlands and protecting our freshwater.


ENVIRONMENTAL DEFENCE is a team of passionate, creative, and talented people devoted to making positive change happen. Our staff and volunteer board work hard every day to protect Canada’s environment and human health. But we don’t do it alone. We also have an expert advisory committee that offers ideas, advice, and feedback to help us guide our programs.


It takes all of our dedicated team working together to deliver the outcomes we’ve shared in this report. The program, engagement and communications staff along with our finance, development, and administration teams come together and deliver the change we have committed to our funders and supporters. For the full audited financial report, click here.


A BIG THANKS to all of the individuals and organizations who generously supported our efforts between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. Together, we accomplished more than we thought possible, and with your continued support, we know that we can accomplish even more in the year to come.