Ontario’s upcoming election will determine whether our province will be part of the climate change solution.

The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report concluded that the world needs to cut greenhouse emissions in half by the end of this decade to avoid total climate breakdown. So decisions made in the next few years will have far-reaching consequences for the planet.

This is why it is absolutely necessary that we elect a legislature that will ensure Ontario does its part to bring down greenhouse gas emissions, especially because it’s the second largest polluting province in Canada.

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But Ontario has been going in the opposite direction. After having phased out coal and successfully decreased pollution between 2005 and 2017, emissions started to rise again in 2018 – when the current government came into power. And its policies since have not helped to turn the tide.

The current Ontario Government’s record

The Goreway Power Station in Brampton uses polluting fossil gas to generate electricity. The current Ontario government plans to increase the use of gas plants so that polluting emissions rise 600% by 2040.


Climate Change policies

Ontario Food
Climate Change has led to more flooding in Ontario.

The result of these policy choices is that the province is far from meeting its own meager climate target of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent by 2030 (below 2005 levels). Let’s remember that the Federal target is a 40-45 percent reduction, and that what we actually need is closer to a 60 per cent reduction to do our share to avoid global catastrophic climate change.

This is totally doable. Ontario could dramatically reduce emissions by:

  • Phasing out gas plants
  • Investing in renewable energy projects 
  • Canceling destructive mega highways  
  • Expanding public transportation 
  • Bringing back energy efficiency programs and funding 
  • Strengthening the pollution price system for big industry 

We reached out to the major parties to ask about their commitments to these types of policies. You can check out this website to see their positions and decide for yourself which party will deliver the climate policies we urgently need. 

You can also take the pledge to Vote For The Environment to commit to actually voting on election day – with the environment in mind.

And finally, if you’re in Southwestern Ontario, you can join us at Emergency in Ontario: Rally for Climate, Communities and Nature! on Saturday, May 14th to show all parties that the climate and environment are key election issues for Ontarians. 

This June we have an opportunity to put Ontario on a responsible and sustainable path. Let’s make sure this happens!