Sep 22, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario

Phasing out Fossil Gas: A Plan for Green Buildings, Jobs and Prosperity for Ontario

We’re in the midst of an escalating climate crisis, but the Ontario government is acting like the crisis isn’t happening. Take for example Ontario’s…Read More

Sep 21, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Yours To Protect

I went to the government’s meeting on Highway 413 - so you don’t have to 

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation is hosting a Community Engagement Webinar on September 29th about the proposed Highway 413. You don’t need to go….Read More

Aug 04, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Safeguarding Freshwater

Five reasons why it's time to shut down the aging Line 5 pipeline and protect the Great Lakes

There is a 68-year-old, deteriorating pipeline running through the heart of the Great Lakes. These same lakes contain 21 percent of the world’s surface…Read More

Jul 30, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Yours To Protect

Communities rally across the GTA to say No More Highways

On Saturday, July 24th, communities and volunteers across the Greater Toronto Area turned out in the face of a pandemic and the threat of…Read More

May 18, 2021 / Climate Change / Climate Change Ontario

Why Ontario needs to stop burning polluting gas for electricity

You’ve probably heard about Ontario’s clean, low-carbon grid. The decision to ditch coal was the biggest single action of its time to cut carbon…Read More

May 13, 2021 / Climate Change Ontario / Yours To Protect

Is Highway 413 dead, or just on snooze?

Great news: On May 3rd, the federal government announced they were stepping in to perform a thorough environmental assessment of the proposed Highway 413…Read More

Apr 28, 2021 / Climate Change / Climate Change Ontario / Yours To Protect

Will Ontario pave paradise for a new multi-billion dollar parking lot?

Ontario’s proposed Highway 413 will increase transportation emissions in the province, increase suburban sprawl alongside the highway, and cause billions of dollars in damages…Read More

Mar 26, 2021 / Climate Change / Climate Change Ontario

A big victory on climate – but we’re far from done

This week, Canadians won an important victory on the climate front when the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the federal government and affirmed…Read More

Feb 03, 2021 / Climate Change / Climate Change Ontario / Yours To Protect

The federal government needs to stop Ontario from fast-tracking two GTA mega-highways

The Ontario government is trying to bring two massive 400-series highway projects back from the dead in the GTA. To add insult to injury,…Read More