Have you ever experienced a sense of relief and calm while spending time in nature? Whether it’s the comforting shade of a forest trail, the soothing sounds of running water, or the silent serenity of a lake, it’s common to associate natural areas with feelings of peace and well-being.

waterfall healthy nature greenbeltNow, that intuitive connection that we’ve all felt is becoming a proven mental health phenomenon. A recent nationwide study from Denmark has found that exposure to green space during childhood reduces the risk of mental health issues later in life.

grow the greenbelt

And the benefits aren’t just for kids. The study findings indicate that greenspace offers a psychologically restorative mechanism that protects against mood disorders, depression and stress-related issues. Most importantly, there was no upper limit to these benefits, so the more access we have to greenspace the greater the mental health benefits.

Greenbelt health family and friends healthy futureThis is great news for Southern Ontarians because we have the Greenbelt, which is the largest permanently protected area of its kind in the world! That being said the Greater Golden Horseshoe is also one of the fastest growing urban areas in North America, expected to grow to 13.5 million people by 2041.

That’s why we’re asking the province to grow the Greenbelt to ensure that Ontarians have access to the forests, waters, farmlands and their psychologically restorative effects for generations to come. Join us and send a letter today.