The Ontario government wants to hand sprawl developers a huge swath of the precious green space we have left in one massive giveaway.

The Big Sprawl won’t just damage green space. It will raise flood risks in urban areas, cost municipalities millions of dollars in extra infrastructure costs, and make it ever more difficult to reduce our carbon emissions and fight climate change.

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Large swathes of Ontario’s best farmland, most vital natural heritage, and most beautiful rural landscapes, are at risk of being swallowed up by car-dependent sprawl. Between now and July 1, 2022, the provincial government will be forcing Greater Golden Horseshoe municipalities to engage in processes that the province has rigged to rapidly expand the territory available to developers, and lock in 30 more years of outdated and environmentally damaging residential and commercial sprawl.

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Southern Ontario is already losing its prime farmland and natural areas at a dangerous rate. Now the province is forcing municipalities to lock in 30 more years of car-dependent sprawl on farmland and natural areas – and paving the way to start opening up the Greenbelt to developers too.

Take action today STOP THE BIG SPRAWL and PROTECT Ontario’s forests, farmland and wetlands.

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