Tell Premier Ford: Hands Off The Greenbelt

Tell Premier Ford: Hands Off The Greenbelt

Premier Ford repeatedly promised to never touch the Greenbelt. He lied! Take Action: Tell Premier Ford and your MPP to keep their Hands Off The Greenbelt.

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What's Next for Bill 23 and the Greenbelt?

What's Next for Bill 23 and the Greenbelt?

What’s next as we work together to stop the destruction of farms, forests and wetlands in the Greenbelt and beyond?

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Ontarians are fighting back to Save the Greenbelt, Wetlands, Farms and Forests. Find information about upcoming #HandsOffTheGreenbelt & #RepealBill23 rallies and events.

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Get a lawn sign

Get a lawn sign

Request a Lawn Sign from a local pick up location.

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Ontarians are rallying to say #HandsOffTheGreenbelt and fight the provincial government's other attacks on the environment!

Over the past year there have been more than 135 rallies and events all across the province! Hundreds of thousands of people have called or written to their MPP. Together, we convinced the provincial government to change course on their attack on the Greenbelt.


However, the fight continues:

  • Wetlands, Forests and Conservation Lands are still at risk because of Bill 23
  • The province still expects municipalities to carry through with forced boundary expansions designed to increase sprawl
  • The Bradford Bypass and Highway 413 still threaten the Greenbelt

Click the button below to send a letter to your MPP demanding that they roll back the REST of the Sprawl Scandal.

Click this button to send a letter to MPPs demanding the cancellation of the expensive and destructive Highway 413.

Take Action: Events, Rallies and More

Zoom in and click the points on the map for more details about each event or hotspot.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Ottawa - City Hall - Tuesday, Nov. 15th
- MPP Will Bouma's Office - Wednesday, Nov. 16th
 - MPP Ted Arnott's Office - Wednesday, Nov. 16th

Kitchener/Waterloo - MPP Michael Harris' Office - Wednesday, Nov. 16th

Lindsay - MPP Laurie Scott's Office - Thursday, Nov. 17th

Sundridge - Post Office - Thursday, Nov. 17th

Peterborough - Ministry of Natural Resources - Thursday, Nov. 17th

Alliston - MPP Brian Saunderson's Office - Friday, Nov. 18th

Bracebridge - Memorial Park - Friday, Nov. 18th

Georgetown - Marketplace Mall - Friday, Nov. 18th
- MPP Neil Lumsden's Office - Friday, Nov. 18th

Huntsville - Town Hall - Friday, Nov. 18th
- MPP Parma Gill's Office - Friday, Nov. 18th

Owen Sound - MPP Rick Byers' Office - Friday, Nov. 18th
Port Hope - Minister Piccini's Office - Friday, Nov. 18th

Toronto (Etobicoke) - Premier Doug Ford's Office - Friday, Nov. 18th

Barrie - MPP Doug Downey’s office - Saturday, Nov. 19th

Beamsville - MPP Sam Oosterhoff's Office - Saturday, Nov. 19th

Burlington - Brant St. & North Service Rd. - Saturday, Nov. 19th

Hamilton - 50 Cootes Dr. - Saturday, Nov. 19th

Pickering - Minister Bethlenfalvy's Office -  Saturday, Nov. 19th
Toronto (St. Clair) 
- MPP Jill Andrew's Office - Saturday, Nov. 19th

Hamilton - Upper Paradise & Mohawk Rd West - Sunday, Nov. 20th

Midland - Midland Library -  Sunday, Nov. 20th
 - MPP Jill Dunlop's Office - Sunday, Nov. 20th

Rossmore/Belleville - MPP Todd Smith's Office - Thursday, Nov. 24th

Thorold - Outside Regional Council - Thursday, Nov. 24th

Ajax - Patrice Barnes MPP Office - Friday, Nov. 25th

Brockville - Minister Steve Clark's Office - Friday, Nov. 25th
 - MPP Stephen Crawford's Office - Friday, Nov. 25th

Orangeville - MPP Sylvia Jones' Office - Friday, Nov. 25th
- MPP Matthew Rae's Office - Friday, Nov. 25th

Strathroy - MPP Monte McNaughton's Office - Friday, Nov. 25th

Barrie -MPP Andrea Khanjin’s Office - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Cornwall - MPP Nolan Quinn's Office - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Hamilton (Ancaster) - Golf Links Rd. - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Peterborough - Lansdowne and Park Street - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Richmond Hill - Elgin Mills Rd. - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Scarborough - Hikes to support the Greenbelt - Saturday, Nov. 26th
Smiths Falls
 - MPP John Jordan's Office - Saturday, Nov. 26th
Stayner - MPP Brian Saunderson’s Stayner Office - Saturday, Nov. 26th

Whitby - MPP Lorne Coe’s Office - Saturday, Nov. 26th
Hamilton (Flam-Glan) - 
MPP Donna Skelly's Office - Sunday, Nov. 27th
Holland Landing - 
Minister Mulroney's Office - Sunday, Nov. 27th
Kingston - 
City Hall - Sunday, Nov. 27th
York South--Weston
- MPP Michael Ford's Office - Monday, Nov. 28th

Bowmanville - MPP Todd McCarthy's Office - Friday, Dec. 2nd

Midland - MPP Jill Dunlop's Midland Office - Friday, Dec. 2

Orillia - MPP Jill Dunlop's Orillia Office - Friday, Dec. 2
Coldwater -
Coldwater Rd. & Michael Anne Dr. - Friday, Dec. 2

Markham -- MPP Paul Calandra's Office -- Friday, Dec. 2

Thunder Bay - 774 James Street North - Friday, Dec. 2nd

Brantford/Brant - MPP Will Bouma's office - Saturday, Dec. 3rd
- Brampton City Hall - Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Etobicoke - MPP King Surma's Office - Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Grimsby - 63 Main Street W. - Saturday, Dec. 3rd
- Markham Civic Centre - Saturday, Dec. 3rd
Newmarket - MPP Gallagher Murphy's Office - Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Orangeville - MPP Sylvia Jones' Office - Saturday Dec. 3
Peterborough - 
MPP Dave Smith's Office - Saturday, Dec. 3
- MPP Vijay Thanigasalam's Office - Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Toronto - Bay and College - Saturday, Dec. 3rd - 2:30 PM

Windsor - MPP Andrew Dowie's Office - Saturday Dec. 3rd

Blyth - MPP Lisa Thompson's Office - Sunday, Dec. 4

Brockville - Minister Steve Clarke's Office - Sunday, Dec. 4
Eden Mills
 - York Street - Sunday, Dec. 4th

Elora - Market Square - Sunday, Dec. 4th

Guelph - The Boathouse on Gordon St. - Sunday, Dec. 4th
- City Hall - Sunday, Dec. 4th

Kitchener - Homer Watson & Pioneer Dr. - Sunday Dec. 4th

King City - Minister Lecce's Office - Sunday, Dec. 4th

Mississauga - Celebration Square - Sunday, Dec. 4th

North Bay - Minister Vic Fedeli's Office - Sunday, Dec. 4th

Ottawa - 161 Elgin St. - Wed. Dec. 7th

London - University College - Friday, Dec. 9th 
Muskoka Region
 - Travelling Bill 23 Rally - Friday, Dec. 9th

Belleville - City Hall/Market Square - Sat. Dec. 10th

Milton - Hilton Falls Conservation Area - Sat. Dec. 10th

Niagara Falls - 6161 Thorold Stone Rd - Sat. Dec. 10th

Woodbridge - Hwy 7 & Wigwoss Dr - Sun. Dec. 11th

Kingston - Kingston East Community Centre - Tues. Dec. 13th

Hamilton - Neil Lumsden's Office - Tues. Dec. 13th

Beamsville - 4961 King St. E. - Tues. Dec. 20th

Toronto Carolling - Old City Hall - Wed. Dec. 21st

'Give-a-Bang' - Ottawa & Province-wide - Every Thursday in Dec. & Jan.

Fonthill - MPP Oosterhoff's New Year's Levee - Saturday, Jan. 14th

Cobourg - 135 Orr St. - Sunday, Jan. 15th

Brockville - Devil is in the Details - Saturday Jan. 21

Toronto - ROMA Rally - Monday, Jan. 23

Owen Sound - 10th Street Bridge - Tues., Jan. 31st

Cambridge - World Wetland Day Event - Saturday, Feb. 4

Picton - Wetlands Townhall - Wednesday, Feb. 8

Toronto - Queen's Park Viewing Gallery - Feb. 21

Toronto - Queen's Park - Feb. 25

Windsor - City Hall - Feb. 26

Ottawa - Wednesday, March 22

Milton - Saturday, March 25

Waterloo - Sunday, April 2
- Durham Street - April 15
YTP Weekend 
- 40+ Earth Day Events Across Ontario - April 21, 22, 23

Newmarket - Townhall - May 11
Whitevale Spring Festival 
- Pickering - May 27th

Unionville - Greenbelt infobooth at Sustainable Market - June 3

Hamilton - Greenbelt Picnic and March - June 3

St. Catharines - Climate and Greenbelt Rally - June 4
- Rally Against the Big Sprawl - July 29th

Waterdown - Hands of the Greenbelt - July 29th

Waterdown - Hands of the Greenbelt - August 8th

Rally to Save the DRAP - Pickering - August 13th

Corruption in the Greenbelt - Orillia - August 14th

Newmarket - Greenbelt Rally - August 19th

Hamilton - Greenbelt Rally - August 22nd

Vaughan - Greenbelt Rally - August 27th

Kitchener - Greenbelt Rally - September 8th

Caledon - Greenbelt Rally - September 8th

Etobicoke - Greenbelt Rally - September 9th

Barrie - Public Forum on the Greenbelt - September 12th

Rally at Hamilton Planning Meeting - September 14th

Markdale - Greenbelt Rally - September 14th

Niagara Falls - Climate and Greenbelt Rally - September 15th

Climate Strike and Greenbelt Rally - Brampton - September 15th

Climate and Greenbelt March - Kitchener - September 16th

Greenbelt Contingent at Fossil Fuel March - Queen's Park - September 16th

Climate and Greenbelt March - Newmarket - September 17th
Greenbelt Booth at International Plowing Match - Sep. 19-23
Greenbelt Phone Zap -
York/Simcoe - September 21st

Greenbelt Celebration - Richmond Hill - September 23rd 
Greenbelt Celebration - Scarborough - September 23rd
Celebration for Rouge Park and the DRAP -
Whitevale Park - October 1st
Youth Celebration of Victory and Rally for Farmland -
Dundas - October 1

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