Maybe you’ve heard about heat pumps but aren’t sure if they are a good fit for you? If it’s time for you to get a new HVAC system, here are five reasons why you should go with a heat pump.

1. Heat Pumps Will Save You Money

In this post-pandemic economy where inflation is a concern and many families are having trouble making ends meet, saving money on your home heating bill is an advantage. Heat pumps have been proven to save you more money over the lifespan of the product compared to gas furnaces in almost all cases.

Gas has traditionally been the cheapest way to heat your home and water, but heat pumps have come a long way and are now the most economical. In winter, heat pumps work by transferring the heat from the air outside of the home, indoors. Even in cold temperatures, there is still a considerable amount of heat in the air. Likewise, in hot temperatures, heat pumps move hot air from inside the house, outdoors. Heat pumps are not a new feature in our homes. Even your refrigerator is a heat pump.

2. Heat Pumps Are Better for the Environment

After the record breaking wildfire season that we had last year, it should be a wake up call for everyone that climate change is here and that it’s only going to get worse. We should do everything we can to reduce the effects of global warming and that means burning less fossil fuels, which includes burning less gas. Heat pumps run on electricity and do not emit any greenhouse gasses so using one will be part of your contribution to reducing the effects of climate change.

3. Heat Pumps Can Replace Your Air Conditioner

Heat pumps at home are more efficient than gas furnaces and traditional air conditioners. Heat pumps are an all-in-one appliance which provides heating and cooling in the same unit. Not only are they convenient, but they are more efficient than gas furnaces. In Ontario’s cold winter climate, this is a significant improvement and can make all the difference between living in a cold home or a warm, cozy one. Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps are now suitable for places such as Northern Ontario, where temperatures can dip as low as -30 °C. Similarly in the summer, heat pumps can be up to 50% more efficient in cooling your home than a typical air conditioning unit. Not only will your home be cooler on some of those muggy August nights, but you will save money.

4. Heat Pumps Are Safer for Your Health

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious concern and a threat when there are gas appliances in the home. Not only can burning gas lead to increased cases of asthma in young children, but if there is a problem with your hook-up, gas may leak. If this goes unnoticed, it could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. This is why annual maintenance is important, which is another added expense in maintaining a gas furnace.

5. Heat Pumps Provide Better Air Quality

Heat pumps being the multifaceted appliance that they are, can be equipped with air filters to filter out dust, pollen and other pollutants. They can also act as a dehumidifier eliminating mold and dust mites, making it easier to breathe.