When people think of going local, often we think of buying local fruits and veggies. But don’t forget about going local when picking that perfect beer to sip on a patio or in your backyard.

This week is Ontario Craft Beer Week, a festival celebrating Ontario’s thriving craft beer industry. Did you know many craft breweries are in Ontario’s Greenbelt? With over 30 craft brewers in Ontario, there is a lot to celebrate and sample.

A definite must-try is the Ontario Beer Company’s 100 Mile Ale and Lager. The ingredients are 100 per cent Ontario-sourced. Some brewers make their beer with ingredients from across the world: malt from the Canadian prairies, Belgium or England, and hops from the U.S. Pacific Northwest, New Zealand or Europe. The 100 Mile Ale was made possible largely due to the resurgence in hops farming in Ontario.

Back in February, Bighead Hops and the Greenbelt Fund teamed up to launch, Growing Ontario Hops Forward: Expanding Existing Models of Production. This project provides craft brewers and hops growers the processing and packing they need in producing a truly local product. By expanding the amount of opportunity for local hops growers to reach a larger market, the more accessible locally produced beer will be for Ontarians. No doubt this is only the beginning of a perfect marriage between Ontario hops farmers and brewers.

So this season, buy local when you’re picking up a case of beer. To help, here’s a list of Ontario Craft Breweries. Visiting the Niagara area? Check out some of these up and coming Greenbelt craft breweries.

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