The Growth Plan is a provincial growth management plan that guides how we grow throughout the region, to provide the housing, jobs and transportation we need to make better communities.

Watch Darren Cooney, Director of Partnerships and Consultation at the Ministry of Municipal Affairs, talk about the new Growth Plan.

Regional and local governments implement this provincial plan by updating their Official Plans. Some municipalities have a two-tier system: a regional or county government, and local municipal governments. In two-tier municipalities, first the region (upper-tier) amends or revises its Plan, and then municipalities (lower-tier) carry through changes in their own Plans that reflect the decisions made at the upper-tier level.

Some Growth Plan policies, like those related to climate change or complete streets, can be implemented through Official Plan amendments. But certain key policies have to be implemented in an integrated manner through an Official Plan review process.

This process is called a Municipal Comprehensive Review (or MCR). The policies involved in this integrated planning process are related to growth management, which is at the heart of the Growth Plan.

Watch Ray Tomalty, Smart Cities researcher and PhD in urban planning, talk about implementing the Growth Plan and engaging citizens in the planning process.

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