The Problem:

Many companies continue to use toxics chemicals in consumer products – simply because they’re not banned yet. That’s why it’s so important to know and avoid harmful ingredients in the products we put in our homes, on our skin or in our stomachs.


We believe that individuals should have the knowledge and tools necessary to help reduce their exposure to toxic chemicals in every day products. We help you do this by:

1. Testing products and people

For more than 10 years, we have been conducting ground-breaking research on the toxic impact on Canadians. Our lab tests have found toxic chemicals in newborn babies, heavy metals in makeup and harmful VOCs in popular cleaning products. Our research reports have often prompted government and industry action.

For a complete list of our reports, take a look here.

2. Providing Tips & Guides

We have a number of downloadable guides to help Canadians avoid toxic chemicals while shopping, cleaning, and more. Take a look!

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3. Celebrating Responsible Companies

We started the Just Beautiful Pledge to help consumers purchase safer products for their families. Companies that sign the pledge disclose ALL ingredients, and make or sell personal care products that do not contain any of Environmental Defence’s Toxic Ten.

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