Statement by Environmental Defence’s National Climate Program Manager Dale Marshall on Canada’s plan to ensure that polluters pay for their carbon emissions in every province

Ottawa, Ont. – Canada is one step closer to having polluters in every province pay for their carbon emissions. This ensures that all Canadians, including those who live in provinces which have rejected a system that holds polluters accountable, will gain the important health and economic benefits of a polluter pays system. Eight out of ten households in provinces such as Ontario and Saskatchewan will be better off because the vast majority of the fuel charge revenue from households and industry will be returned to households alone. On top of that, the federal system will provide support to municipalities, schools and universities, hospitals, Indigenous communities, and small- and medium-sized businesses.

It’s unfortunate that Ontario’s government has chosen not to put a price on carbon pollution. This means the province will miss out on taking control of billions of dollars in revenue, which could be used to fund their upcoming plan to fight climate change. But the federal government’s plan will make sure Ontario polluters continue to pay for their carbon pollution, and all Ontarians will benefit from an important tool to protect their health and environment now and in the future.

Carbon pricing is an important element to any climate change plan, and a common standard across the country will ensure all provinces and industries do their fair share to reduce carbon pollution.

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