Statement from Stephen Legault, Senior Manager, Alberta Energy Transition

Canmore | Traditional territories of the Treaty 7 Nations – We are glad to see the Alberta government taking steps to address the province’s water crisis, but the Minister of Environment and Parks Rebecca Shultz has failed to acknowledge the root cause of this drought, which is climate change.

Cyclical climatic systems like El Niño are a factor, but the science is clear: Alberta’s climate is changing and water scarcity will be an ongoing issue as a result of climate change, which is primarily driven by the combustion of fossil fuels. This government needs to accept this science, and make progress both in reducing Alberta’s contributions to climate heating and to help Albertans adapt to the warming that is already locked in by decades of fossil fuel burning.

Environmental Defence calls on the Minister to host an expert discussion to look beyond 2024’s extreme drought, to address the long-term impacts of climate change on southern Alberta indigenous nations, municipalities, fish and wildlife, and agriculture. Trying to solve a problem like a multi-year drought without discussing its cause, and the factors aggravating the situation is irresponsible and ineffective. It would be like trying to stop a runaway car while ignoring the foot on the accelerator.

The Minister’s announcement and press conference can be viewed here.

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