Statement from Environmental Defence’s Programs Director, Keith Brooks, on the move to repeal Ontario’s Climate Act

Toronto, Ont. – The introduction of the Cap and Trade Cancellation Act will leave Ontario with no plan to fight climate change, no carbon pollution reduction targets, and no carbon pricing system.

We are encouraged that the bill, introduced today, requires the government to develop its own climate plan and carbon emissions reduction targets. Ontario needs to develop and launch this plan as soon as possible. A first step would be to begin consultations with businesses, economists, scientists and other climate change experts to forge a cost-effective and ambitious way forward. We look forward to participating in the development of that plan.

We urge the government to support Ontario’s current science-based pollution reduction targets. Those targets set the province on track to be nearly carbon neutral by mid-century, which is what is required if we hope to limit global warming to 1.5. degrees, as agreed to by 195 countries in Paris. Backing away from Ontario’s pollution reduction targets will undercut Canada’s ability to compete in a world moving to clean energy and will threaten future generations’ ability to enjoy a safe climate.

These targets are also in step with climate pollution reduction targets in European counties and in sync with targets in leading North American jurisdictions.

Ontario has chosen not to price carbon, which means that the federal government’s carbon pricing system will apply starting January 1, 2019. With the federal pricing system in place, and a new Ontario Climate Plan developed, we hope to see a comprehensive plan to reduce carbon pollution and maintain a strong economy.

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