Last week, I teamed up with Climate Action Network to host a webinar called “Putting all Projects to the Climate Test: Why and how Canada must conduct a strategic assessment for climate change.”

You can watch the entire 90-minute webinar here.

Photo credit: Kris Krug


In 2018, we have a crucial opportunity to put in place a “climate test” that will help determine which new energy and industrial projects make sense for Canada in a world moving away from fossil fuels.

The federal government is moving to strengthen the environmental laws that protect Canada’s land, air and water, and improve the processes used to review industrial and energy projects like mines and pipelines. As part of the reforms, the government has proposed to conduct a strategic assessment for climate change.

The strategic assessment will find more effective ways to integrate climate considerations environmental assessment processes at the federal level. It entails the creation of a policy framework that aligns Canada’s climate commitments with the assessment of high-carbon energy and industrial projects.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to align energy policy with climate science and put in place a “climate test” that will help determine which projects can proceed in a low-carbon world. But the proposal is not well-known, even to some government decision-makers.

That’s why I was joined by some of Canada’s leading experts on environmental assessments for a webinar that dug into the finer details of the proposed strategic assessment. We learned how a climate test might work, what data is needed to inform the strategic assessment, how it should be designed, and challenges and next steps in turning the government’s commitment into action.

If we get the strategic assessment for climate change right, we might not have to fight pipelines anymore. Learn all about it by watching this webinar.