This year, the Blue Flag program in Canada welcomed two new beaches, and a new marina. Outlet Beach, Moonlight Beach and Colchester Harbour Marina are proudly flying Blue Flags for the first time this season.

Outlet Beach

outlet beach

Outlet Beach is a 3.5 kilometre sandy paradise located in Sandbanks Provincial Park. The park is a gem of Prince Edward County, Ontario, which is a summer tourist hot spot with great wineries, restaurants, galleries, and antiques. Through the summer park hosts a number of great activities, such as Theatre in the Park and Sandfest, a sand sculpture event. Check out their event page here.

Outlet Beach is not only a tourist’s playground, but it’s also a geological marvel where glaciers once ground rocks down to fine soft sand. This ancient sand makes up the world’s largest baymouth barrier dune formation. The area is a very significant ecosystem, especially for the endangered Piping Plover, which has recently begun nesting in the provincial park.

Moonlight Beach

Meanwhile, in Sudbury Ontario, Moonlight Beach is the city’s second Blue Flag. The beach has lifeguards every day during the summer and is accompanied by a great playground by the beach. The Lake Ramsey beach backs onto the Rainbow Routes trail system, an excellent biking, hiking, and running trail that winds through forested landscapes. When you visit the beach, you can take this trail system all the way to Lake Laurentian Conservation Area to experience true northern wilderness all the while close to city amenities.

Colchester Harbour

On the opposite side of the province in Essex County, our most southwesterly flag was raised at Colchester Harbour. The route to Colchester passes through many ecologically significant conservation areas where you can dock and explore. When you arrive in Colchester, the harbour has bikes and stand-up paddle boards available to rent, so you can stretch your sea legs. Fun fact: Colchester is on the same latitude as wine regions in California and Italy. That means the region produces some of the best grapes in Ontario, so if you’re visiting the marina make sure to check out the local wineries.

No matter where in the world you find yourself, you know that Blue Flags are the best in the North, South, East and West. Each Blue Flag beach and marina has met strict standards for water quality, safety, accessibility, and environmental management. Visit our website to learn more about our Blue Flags across the country.

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