Toronto, ON — This is exactly the wrong time to put the brakes on renewable energy. Deployment of wind and solar power continues to soar globally while costs plummet. Ontario has shown bold leadership in supporting green energy. Now is not the time to back away. It’s time to double down.

Prices for wind and solar are dropping, while prices for nuclear and natural gas are rising. The Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) own planning outlook shows that green energy is competitive with new nuclear power or natural gas. Some contracts recently signed for wind power are cheaper that what we pay for nuclear power.

The move to green energy has been a net benefit to Ontario’s economy. It created tens of thousands of jobs, and dozens of companies are now part of Ontario’s green energy supply chain. These companies add billions of dollars every year to Ontario’s economy.

Green energy is very popular with Ontarians. In a recent EKOS poll, 81 per cent said of Ontarians said they want to see more renewable energy in the future and 74 per cent of Ontarians said that Ontario’s move to renewable energy away from coal was the right move.

Ontario, an early leader in green power, is in a position to benefit from the global surge in renewable power – but if we hope to reap the benefits, we must continue investing in renewable energy at home.

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