Toronto, ON – Yesterday’s spill of up to 250,000 litres of heavy oil and diluent into the North Saskatchewan River is a stark reminder of the risks the massive Energy East pipeline would pose to communities’ drinking water supplies across Canada.

The latest oil spill in Saskatchewan shows that it’s not a question of whether pipelines spill, but when.

The spill from a Husky Energy pipeline, first detected on Thursday morning, is threatening the local drinking water supply. It has forced the city of North Battleford to shut down its water intake and fill its reservoirs.

The heavy oil spill comes as the National Energy Board begins to review the proposed Energy East pipeline. If built, Energy East would transport tar sands oil across nearly 3,000 rivers, streams and lakes from Alberta to New Brunswick. The 4,600 km export pipeline would put the drinking water of over 5 million Canadians at risk, as recent research shows. The Energy East pipeline proposal is simply too risky for our communities, water and wildlife.

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