Toronto, ON – This is a significant day in the history of action on climate change in Canada. Today the Alberta government introduced legislation for an economy-wide carbon price and to create a new Crown agency for energy efficiency. This is the first major step in implementing Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan, which was announced in November 2015.

Alberta’s commitment to action will help the Canadian government meet the commitments in the U.N. Paris climate agreement to keep global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius, and to work for that limit to be 1.5 degrees.

Alberta, while still reeling from the effects of devastating forest fires, moved decisively to turn its climate plan into a reality. When it comes into force in January, the new carbon price will mean that Alberta, B.C., Ontario, and Quebec all have a carbon price, and over 85 per cent of Canada’s population will live in a jurisdiction with a carbon price.

The revenue generated from Alberta’s carbon price will be used to invest in a transition to a cleaner, more efficient, more diversified and innovative low-carbon economy. This will be achieved by increasing investment to cut carbon emissions from oil and gas, making buildings more energy efficient, increasing the supply of renewable energy and helping Alberta residents adapt to the changes through financial support.

Decisive action on climate change is necessary for Canada to prepare for a rapid transition towards a cleaner, more prosperous economy. Alberta is joining a global movement where some 40 countries and more than 20 cities, states and provinces already use carbon pricing mechanisms. Together, the carbon pricing systems now in place cover about half their respective emissions, which translates to about 13 per cent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

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