Get ready to rumble! On Tuesday November 24th, Environmental Defence is hosting its first Sprawl Brawl – an evening of lively debate. The topic? What’s the best use of farmland – Agriculture vs. Housing (We hope you can come! Reserve your spot here.)

The gloves will come off as Don McCabe, President of the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and Joe Vaccaro, Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association square off in a spirited debate about the best use of farmland. Esteemed journalist and former Globe and Mail columnist John Barber will referee the match.

Farming is land-intensive business. So is city building. It’s no wonder the development community and the farming community have often been on opposite sides of the field. The good news is the review of the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan present an opportunity to discuss how we can build smarter cities that can house more people and protect our best farmland.

The evening will include remarks from keynote speaker Kevin Eby, former director of Community Planning, Waterloo Region. Kevin’s experience in Waterloo balancing farmland protection while encouraging smart growth will provide insight into the opportunities and challenges ahead as more people call the Greater Golden Horseshoe home.

The November 24th event will also feature an exciting panel discussion when Tim Gray, Executive Director of Environmental Defence, joins Kevin Eby, Don McCabe, and Joe Vaccaro in a lively discussion about how can we build vibrant cities and protect our food sources. Given the diverse perspectives of these Sprawl Brawl panelists, it’s sure to be an interesting conversation. Don’t miss it!

We hope you can join us at the Sprawl Brawl on November 24th. The event is free but space is limited. Reserve your spot today!

And looking ahead, in 2016 we’ll hold two more Sprawl Brawls. Each will focus on city building and bring together experts to debate and discuss how we can build better cities and limit sprawl. On February 9th, Sprawl Brawl (Round 2) will explore Highways vs. Transit: What’s the best way to move people in the GTA and limit sprawl. Stay tuned for details!