March 26, 2015
/CNW/ – Environmental Groups across
today responded to a new pan-provincial energy agreement cautioning that no climate progress can be made if tar sands pipelines are approved.
“A pan-provincial climate deal that greenlights tar sands expansion is a complete non-starter to any serious climate discussion,” said
Mike Hudema
of Greenpeace Canada. “The science is very clear that more than 85% of tar sands reserves need to remain in the ground if we want to stabilize the planet. It’s time we listened to the science, said no to the pipelines and yes to the green energy that Canadians want.” 
tar sands are projected to continue to be the greatest source of emissions growth and cannot be counteracted in the short-term by reductions elsewhere because the growth is just too big. The most important strategy that
can undertake to reduce carbon pollution is to stop  the planned expansion, through pipelines like Energy East, in the tar sands.
and {C}
need to stay strong in the face of pressure,” said
Dale Marshall
of Environmental Defence. “The credibility of the premiers’ energy strategy is at stake if they green light pipelines like Energy East while saying they care about climate change.”
April 11
, days before the premiers’ climate meeting in {C}
, representatives of First Nations, unions, environmental organizations, student associations, citizen’s groups and social movements will unite in
Quebec City
for the Act On Climate march, calling for action on climate change and to pressure our leaders to strongly oppose expansion of the tar sands.
“Harper should be ashamed that he continues to duck and cover on one of the largest issues facing {C}
and the rest of the world,” said
Steven Guilbeault
of Equiterre. “Climate change is not just an environmental issues, it’s an economic issue. All federal and provincial leaders should take notice – you can’t call yourself a climate leader if you support tar sands pipelines.”
Environmental groups calling on premiers to keep tar sands expansion out of their climate and energy deal include Greenpeace Canada, Environmental Defence and Equiterre.…