Toronto, ON – We’re pleased that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau spoke to the need to put a nationwide price on carbon. Countries around the world are pricing carbon. Canada can’t continue to duck on this issue.

A federal framework that builds on provincial programs is fine in principle, but to be effective it must actually build on those programs, and not just endorse them as they are. This means any successful federal program needs to set targets and a floor price for carbon pollution that will enable Canada to meet its international commitments.

Mr. Trudeau’s priorities are contradictory, however. His emphasis on getting resources to market is at odds with his commitment to reduce carbon pollution. For example, Mr. Trudeau needs to explain how he will greenlight export pipelines, which will increase carbon pollution from the tar sands, while reducing Canada’s carbon pollution significantly. Expanded tar sands production, the pipelines that carry that oil, and their skyrocketing emissions are the number one barrier to Canada finally meeting its international obligations on climate change.

The tar sands have a social license problem that cannot be papered over with talk of taking action on climate change. Rather, we need real concrete actions that will drive down emissions. Instead of building new pipelines, we need to be talking about how to move away from the tar sands in a fair and equitable way, and develop a clean economic strategy.

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