Toronto, ON – We applaud the City of Mississauga for taking a big step forward today towards expanding Ontario’s Greenbelt by adding the city’s urban river valleys to the Greenbelt’s protective fold.
Mississauga council voted to continue moving towards Greenbelt designations for the city’s sensitive river valley systems, including the Credit River and Etobicoke Creek, in coordination with the conservation authorities and the province.
Mississauga seems set to become one of the first municipalities in Ontario to formally expand the Greenbelt on municipally owned public lands, through the province’s new urban river valley designation. We applaud Mississauga for undertaking this initiative and setting a bold example.
As the Greenbelt nears its ninth birthday on February 28th, we are thrilled by the local efforts to continue to grow the Greenbelt. We also take this time to remember Mississauga’s Greenbelt advocate Peter Orphanos. A longtime Mississauga resident and Sierra Club Peel founding member, Peter championed adding the Credit River to the Greenbelt at Mississauga council many years ago. Without Peter’s dedication and leadership, this issue would not be where it is today.
Ontario’s Greenbelt protects green space, farmland and local food sources, rivers, streams and environmentally sensitive areas from sprawl. The Greenbelt also prevents pollution and provides people with a better quality of life.
The groups issuing this statement are: Environmental Defence, David Suzuki Foundation and Sierra Club – Ontario Chapter.  
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