Saving the planet isn’t just about political lobbying and climate change laws.
You can do your part to celebrate Earth Day by changing your beauty routine in small but significant ways that can impact the environment—and make you look gorgeous! 
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#1 Be the change
“The beauty industry as a whole needs a massive makeover when it comes to packaging,” says green beauty expert Donna Bishop. But your choices as a consumer sends a message. When shopping for cosmetics, look for products that aren’t excessively wrapped and that come in reusable, refillable and/or recyclable containers. When you find a company with a unique packaging or refill strategy, reward them by being a loyal customer.
#2 Do double duty
Makeup kits can get out of hand easily, which makes streamlining your routine a must for environmental reasons—you’ll save on packaging—and practical reasons—you’ll save money and actually be able to find that new product you just bought. “Multi-use sticks that are for lips and cheeks are amazing,” says Bishop. “Likewise, a moisturizer with sunscreen is also fantastic.”
#3 Take the pledge
A few years ago, MaggieMacDonald, the Toxics Program manager at Environmental Defence, a Canadian environmental action organization. completely detoxed her beauty routine. “It didn’t take long at all,” she says. “There are many non-toxic options available now that awareness of this issue is increasing.” To make your task easier, you can find a list of companies that have taken the “Just Beautiful” pledge, a commitment to losing the toxic ingredients, at
#4 Shower Smart
By the time we’ve finished our morning shower, most of us have already used as much water as a person in the developing world uses in an entire day. Cut down on shower time by washing your hair less. It’s better for your hair not to strip the natural oils as often, and you can make your style last and avoid a greasy look by using a dry shampoo.
#5 Be a savvy shopper
Ignore marketing claims (All “natural!” Green and clean!) and focus on the actual ingredients. “Turn those bottles over and read,” says Tovah Paglaro, the David Suzuki Foundation’s “Queen of Green” spokesperson. Product information should be available either on the package or the company’s website. If not, steer clear. To learn about what to look out for, visit and download their “dirty dozen” list of the most nefarious cosmetic chemicals. “Our survey found that almost 80 per cent of cosmetics included at least one of these ingredients,” says Paglaro. “That’s daunting—but it means that 20 per cent of widely available cosmetics are free of these chemicals of concern. With a little diligence, you can make healthy store-bought choices.”
#6 Nail it
Some polishes contain toxic ingredients that have the potential to harm your health. “Unless a nail polish is marked “three free” or water-based, it is likely to contain formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate,” says MacDonald. “Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen, and phthalates have been linked to fertility problems, obesity, asthma and risk factors for cancer. Toluene is a toxic solvent.” So switching to a non-toxic nail polish is a good place to start when detoxing your beauty routine.
#7 Use it up!
Get the most out of your products and you’ll save on packaging and money. Buy a wringer (they’re used for toothpaste tubes, as well as caulking guns and small paint tubes) to squeeze the last drops out of your moisturizer, eye cream and lip gloss. Turn the dregs of your eye shadow into a liner by dipping a liner brush in saline and use a lip liner brush to use up an entire tube of lipstick.
#8 Don’t feel overwhelmed!
Perhaps you simply can’t give up your go-to mascara yet or you feel guilty about the amount of non-green beauty products you own. Start slow. “Replace whatever you’re about to run out of with an eco-conscious product,” says Bishop. “Don’t feel the pressure to replace everything at once.”…