Toronto, ON – This Saturday, across Ontario, Quebec and New England people are saying NO to tar sands oil being shipped through their communities.
“People on both sides of the border are speaking with one voice to protect their rivers and land from dangerous oil spills,” said Adam Scott of Environmental Defence. “We need Enbridge to come clean about the risks of this project through a full, environmental assessment.”
The Day of Action follows Enbridge’s application to reverse its Line 9 oil pipeline, a proposal that could see tar sands oil flowing through eastern Canada and the U.S. for the first time. It is likely that this oil could then be shipped south from Montreal to Portland, Maine for export on a second connected pipeline owned by Exxon. 
More than 25 unique events are taking place in communities stretching across both pipelines from Sarnia to Portland. Actions range from public demonstrations, twitter conversations, film screenings, lectures and nature hikes. Larger actions are taking place this Saturday in Burlington, Toronto, Kingston, Montreal, and at the end of the pipe in Portland, Maine, where over 1,000 people are expected.
Environmental Defence will host a twitter Q&A about Line 9 at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time) on Saturday. Follow the conversation by using the hashtags #EDCA and #NoLine9.
The Line 9 pipeline runs from Hamilton to Montreal, passing close to 115 communities in the most densely populated part of Canada. The pipeline also crosses farmland, parks and all major rivers draining into Lake Ontario. A spill from the 38-year-old pipeline could quickly reach the lake, threatening the drinking water of millions.
The threat of an oil spill isn’t theoretical. In 2010, a nearly identical pipeline owned by Enbridge ruptured into the Kalamazoo river, and became the largest and most expensive inland oil spill in U.S. history. The spill sickened hundreds of families and devastated the river ecosystem, leaving a toxic legacy that persists today. Enbridge’s safety record has been repeatedly called into question by U.S. regulators in the aftermath.
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