December 10, 2009, Ottawa – Thousands of photographs of children from every province and territory will be projected on high-visibility buildings around Ottawa and Vancouver today as part of a ‘global warming photo wall’ to remind Prime Minister Stephen Harper who he is representing in Copenhagen as Parliament recesses for the year.
The photos, gathered over the past few weeks as part of the Moms Against Climate Change campaign, were posted online by parents concerned about their kids’ future if global warming continues unchecked. Many parents were inspired by a video that has become a YouTube sensation (
“The photos are to remind Stephen Harper who he is working for in Copenhagen—our children and grandchildren are the ones who will suffer the worst outcomes of global warming,” said Rachel Vincent, a mother of three who will be speaking from the base of the photo wall in Ottawa today.  “We expect Canada to do the right thing and act now to make our children’s future a healthy one.”
Canada lags behind every single G8 country in action on global warming and is one of the top 10 worst global warming polluters. The federal government has not committed to a target or a climate change plan. While claiming Canada must wait for the U.S. to act, the U.S. federal government is already outspending the Canadian federal government 14 to 1 when it comes to support for renewable energy.
“While Canada is gaining a reputation as the number one climate villain in Copenhagen, here at home Harper is coming under fire from Canadian parents who want more done to protect their children’s futures,” said Merran Smith of ForestEthics.
Moms Against Climate Change ( is a partnership between Environmental Defence and ForestEthics to give Canadian parents a forum for joining together and demanding global warming action from Canada’s political leaders.  The initiative was launched about a month ago through a television commercial ( that has aired on CTV, CanWest, Showcase and other stations, and was named YouTube’s most watched activist video worldwide.
“With Moms now against climate change, Stephen Harper should watch out that he doesn’t get a time out by himself in the corner for bad behaviour,” said Matt Price, Program Manager, Environmental Defence
The children’s photos will be projected in Ottawa today at 4:30 p.m. EST at the Public Service Alliance of Canada building (233 Gilmour Street at Metcalfe), and in Vancouver at 4:30 p.m. PST at Pacific Centre Robson Street.
Photos and video will be available.
 For more information, please contact:
Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence, (416) 323-9521 ext. 232: (647) 280-9521 (cell)
In Ottawa:
Gillian McEachern, ForestEthics, (416) 938-6032
Matt Price, Environmental Defence, (647) 328-5631
 In Vancouver:
Merran Smith, ForestEthics, (604) 816-5636