“The Battle Over Lake Simcoe” [August] was a fascinating and insightful article, but your readers should know that for the people who live within the Lake Simcoe Watershed, the fight between the Big Bay Point community and Geranium Corporation is just a sideshow. Our organization represents 13 community groups around the lake, Ontario Nature represents citizens groups throughout the province, and Environmental Defence, which has carried the ball at the OMB for us, is one of the most respected environmental advocates in the country. All of us oppose the project.
                When a developer proclaims that a mega-resort with possibly the largest inland marina in eastern North America is good for the lake, opposition has nothing to do with NIMBYism. It’s a slap in the face to ordinary citizens – who are enjoined from adding a few rocks in front of their cottages or creating a sandy beach – that a developer is permitted to gouge out the shoreline in order to bring the lake to his development.  And when that developer has the temerity to tell us that our opposition to his bringing the “New Urbanism” to the shores of Lake Simcoe is frivolous, and the OMB actually takes him seriously, one despairs.
                One can only hope that the Lake Simcoe Protection Act now before the Legislature will put an end to the degradation of the lake and protect the natural wetlands and remaining forested areas now under siege with apparent OMB complicity.
                Robert Eisenberg, Campaign Lake Simcoe