Toronto — Canada’s first national carbon neutral driving program was launched today by Canadian Scooter Corp (Vespa Canada) and its partners Environmental Defence and the Carbon Reduction Fund. Under the new program, Vespa will offset the estimated greenhouse gas emissions for all new Vespas, including the green-themed EnviroVespas in yellow (sun), blue (sky) and green (grass).    
To celebrate the new program, the latest Vespas (the Italian word for ‘wasp’) from the land of love were joined this morning by their bee friends, and a host of well-known admirers, in an outdoor oasis at Terroni Restaurant in downtown Toronto.
“Vespa Canada has just taken a quantum leap in making transportation fun, affordable and most importantly, environmentally responsible,” said Morey Chaplick, Canadian Scooter Corp.
The innovative carbon neutral driving program comes with a unique and serious twist that’s all about the birds and the bees: supporting the habitat of wasps, bees, butterflies and other pollinators. To help its bee friends, Vespa also announced that it will support the protection of pollinator habitat through  Environmental Defence.
 “Our riders ‘get’ the connection between a healthy planet and the personal choices they make.  Bringing together climate-friendly transportation with helping to protect bees, wasps and other pollinators was a match that made sense for us,” said Chaplick.
“With climate change the most important issue facing us today, Canadians are looking for corporate leaders to step up and do their part,” said Dr. Rick Smith, Executive Director, Environmental Defence. “By helping to tackle climate change and protect the places that bees, wasps and other pollinators need to survive, Vespa is setting a tremendous example for other Canadian companies to follow.”
Much of the food that we eat and nature that we enjoy is created by an incredible relationship between flowers, trees, grasses, wasps, birds and bees.  North America received a significant scare last year as domestic bees began dying in record numbers.  The die-off touched off a long-overdue debate about the unsung but vital role wasps, bees, butterflies and other pollinators play in our environment and food supply.  According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, while the causes and solutions to this complex problem are being resolved, there is one thing we can all do to save our bees and other pollinators: protect existing habitat and plant new habitat where pollinators can thrive.
“We applaud Vespa Canada in showing environmental leadership by not only addressing the carbon footprint of their products, but in making a positive contribution by raising awareness and making a positive contribution to the issue of pollinator habitat,” said Yvan Champagne, Managing Director, the Carbon Reduction Fund . “Our goal at the Fund is to find high quality carbon offset projects that not only reduce or sequester GHG emissions, but that also make a positive environmental contribution.”
How the carbon neutral driving program works
Vespa Canada, which has plans to release a new Hybrid Vespa, will offset an estimate of 3 years worth of emissions for every Vespa sold in the remainder of 2008, including the new EnviroVespas in green, yellow or blue. To ensure appropriate carbon offsets, Vespa will purchase high quality verified offsets from the Carbon Reduction Fund.  To learn more about the Vespa carbon neutral driving program, and the new EnviroVespa, visit
The Toronto-based Canadian Scooter Corp, is the exclusive importer and distributor of new Vespa and Piaggio motor scooters for Canada. For more information and dealer inquiries, visit
About Environmental Defence ( Environmental Defence protects the environment and human health. We research solutions. We educate. We go to court when we have to. All in order to ensure clean air, clean water and thriving ecosystems nationwide, and to bring a halt to Canada’s contribution to climate change.
About the Carbon Reduction Fund ( The Carbon Reduction Fund is an independent, not-for-profit organization that engages groups in developing GHG reduction projects.  We supply high-quality offsets to a select group of progressive organizations that take responsibility for and take action on their carbon footprints and that voluntarily commit to meaningful reductions of GHG emissions.  
For more information, or to arrange interviews, please contact:
Sue Kuruvilla, Canadian Scooter Corp, (416) 537-3001 ext. 235
Jennifer Foulds, Environmental Defence, (416) 323-9521 ext. 232; (647) 280-9521 (cell)
Yvan Champagne, Carbon Reduction Fund, (416) 847-3975 ext. 229