Lana Goldberg

Ontario Climate Program Manager

Lana has been campaigning on environmental justice issues for over a decade. She has been deeply involved in grassroots climate activism in Ontario and has done extensive Indigenous Solidarity organizing. She has worked at a number of social justice and environmental organizations including Greenpeace Canada where she was a member of the Forest, Plastics, and Climate teams. Before joining Environmental Defence Lana worked for Grassy Narrows First Nation on their campaign for a Mercury Care Home & Treatment Centre on the reservation and compensation for community members. Lana is passionate about supporting frontline communities and advocating for policies that will effectively rein in climate change.

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Sep 19, 2022

It’s true that Ontario’s climate change plan is just a ‘glossy brochure’

Last week the Ontario government argued in court that its climate change policies are just…

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Jul 04, 2022

Ontario can’t build Highway 413…yet 

The fight to stop Highway 413 isn’t over – it’s just beginning.  Despite running on…

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May 05, 2022

We need a government in Ontario that cares about climate change – and will do something about it

Ontario’s upcoming election will determine whether our province will be part of the climate change…

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Mar 22, 2022

Ontario could easily phase out polluting fossil gas – if it wanted to

We all know that to successfully address climate change we need to phase out fossil…

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Dec 21, 2021

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation isn’t listening to local input on Highway 413

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO) isn’t listening to people and communities.  Last week the…

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Nov 25, 2021

The Auditor General gives Ontario a failing grade on its climate progress 

It’s an F for Ontario. The Auditor General of Ontario just gave the province a…

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