The Problem

Lake Erie is a global treasure, it provides drinking water for millions of people and supports both a multi-million-dollar economy and a truly remarkable ecosystem. However, this Great Lake is also at risk from many threats, such as toxic algae blooms, nutrient pollution, toxic chemicals, deforestation and climate change.


We must act to reduce the amount of runoff pollution entering the lake. Together, we can help keep Lake Erie clean and not green.


Ontario and Canada signed the Canada-Ontario Lake Erie Action Plan in 2018 as part of the binational efforts to address Lake Erie's algae blooms and keep them from spiralling out of control. To date, the province has not provided any updates on the progress toward reducing phosphorus loading into the Lake by the target date of 2025.


We are working to ensure that federal and Ontario governments take action to keep algae-causing pollution out of Lake Erie.


Sign the petition and tell the federal and provincial governments we need to know what's being done to protect Lake Erie.

Lake Erie

Why is Lake Erie important? 

Frequently Asked Questions - Part 1

Why is Lake Erie important?

Lake Erie algal blooms August 2017 Photo Credit: Aerial Associates Photography, Inc. by Zachary Haslick

What are the main threats to Lake Erie?

Lake Erie is especially susceptible to pollution and climate change due to the same qualities that make it so diverse.

What are the main threats to Lake Erie?

On both sides of Michelle's family, her ancestors migrated to Canada to escape slavery in the United States. Looking out over Lake Erie Michelle reflects on those who lost their lives as they tried to cross the lake and find safety and freedom. (Story and image by Colin Boyd Shafer)

North of Long Tail

A documentary photo series celebrating Lake Erie

North of Long Tail

INSTAGRAM - Lake Erie Map

Lake Erie Tourism Map

INSTAGRAM - Threats to Lake Erie

Threats to lake erie

August 16, 2023 is #WeAreLakeErie Day!

On August 16, 2023, we’re creating a virtual wave of support for Lake Erie! On our 7th annual #WeAreLakeErie day, we’re asking folks to share their personal stories and photos of Lake Erie on social media with the hashtag #WeAreLakeErie (and don’t forget to tag us!).

This August 16th, I will be participating in #WeAreLakeErieDay by @envirodefence to help raise awareness about why we need to protect our precious #LakeErie. Join the wave of support by sharing your favourite memories and reasons why you love Lake Erie. Be sure to use the hashtag #WeAreLakeErie.




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