The cover of Environmental Defence's submission on the draft Strategic Assessment of Climate Change

About The Submission:

Environment and Climate Change Canada has undertaken the development of a Strategic Assessment of Climate Change (SACC), which is intended to provide guidance on how environmental laws, policies and regulations associated with greenhouse gas reduction and Canada’s climate change commitments should be considered as part of the project impact assessment process. A robust SACC must provide a decision-making framework to evaluate individual projects in light of their complete lifecycle GHG emissions. Unfourtunately, the draft SACC released by ECCC in August 2019 does not meet this standard. We have no confidence that as proposed the draft SACC will lead to better environmental outcomes or that projects that are incompatible with a climate-safe future will be adequately assessed. We recommend that the government start again with the development of an actual strategic assessment of climate change. This work should be undertaken by an independent expert panel.


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