Sep 26, 2014 / Toxics

Asthma and a Common Household Chemical: New Research on Pre-Natal Exposure

Asthma is the most common chronic disease of children in Canada, affecting 12.5 per cent of children. In the past decade, studies have linked…Read More

Sep 26, 2014 / Clean Economy

A Mandate for the Environment

Yesterday, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne released her mandate letters. These set priorities for her ministers and ministries as part of her commitment to open…Read More

Sep 25, 2014 / Toxics

More proof on the need to extinguish flame retardants

From melting ice caps to loss of habitat, life isn’t easy in the Arctic. And it’s only getting worse thanks to the widespread presence…Read More

Sep 24, 2014 / Livable Communities

A highway in Ontario’s Greenbelt? A lose-lose proposal

Ontario’s Greenbelt aims to protect sensitive natural areas and farmland. But Ontario is planning a highway that would cut through the greenbelt and damage…Read More

Sep 23, 2014 / Clean Economy

A Climate of Hope

Sunday, New York City, 12:58 pm. A hush fell over a crowd of hundreds of thousands. Hands raised in the air for one minute…Read More

Sep 23, 2014 / Clean Economy

Canada is bringing a knife to a gun fight on climate change

Today world leaders are meeting in New York to discuss the fight against climate change. Over 120 heads of state have accepted U.N. Secretary…Read More

Sep 19, 2014 / Toxics

Toilets are not garbage bins!

Last Friday, a group of septic system workers (MESUG) held an event to draw attention to the impact that so-called “flushable wipes” are having…Read More

Sep 19, 2014 / Clean Economy

This Sunday: Join the biggest climate march in history

Over 100,000 people are expected to attend the People’s Climate March in New York City. Thousands more will join community events across North America…Read More

Sep 18, 2014 / Clean Economy

Far from harmonized: Canada fails to match U.S. actions on climate change

Less than 24 hours after President Barack Obama won the presidency back in 2008, several of Prime Minister Harper’s ministers stated that Canada would…Read More

Sep 12, 2014 / Toxics

Blowout toxics from your salon!

Blowout toxics from your salon! While focusing on shellac manicures and the blow-out, most people don’t think of the potential health impacts of beauty…Read More