May 24, 2023 / Climate Change

Electric Vehicle Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Electric vehicles (EVs) play an important role in reducing carbon pollution from transportation. But there are some false and half true claims being made…Read More

May 11, 2023 / Climate Change

Shilling for oil and gas: new report stokes fear about necessary climate action

Today, the Public Policy Forum (PPF) – an organization that claims to want to advance policy discussions in Canada – released a report. The…Read More

May 11, 2023 / Climate Change

Canada’s Top Seven Climate Villains Fueling Climate Catastrophe

What do the CEO of Imperial Oil, the head of RBC bank and the head of Big Oil’s biggest lobby association, the Canadian Association…Read More

May 10, 2023 / Climate Change

Protecting the Environment and the Economy – the Emissions Cap Can Do it All

Did you know that oil and gas emissions are the largest and fastest growing source of carbon pollution in Canada? Emissions from the oil…Read More

Apr 28, 2023 / Climate Change / Plastic Pollution / Toxics

Where do Canada and its wealthy and privileged G7 allies stand on key climate and environmental issues?

Where do the world’s wealthiest nations stand when it comes to the most important environmental issues of our time: climate change, biodiversity loss and…Read More

Apr 25, 2023 / Climate Change

Minister Wilkinson spent February meeting with fossil fuel lobbyists

The lobby bot data from February 2023 is in – and it was a busy month for fossil fuel lobbyists determined to weaken climate…Read More

Apr 24, 2023 / Climate Change

The Must Haves for Canada’s Just Transition Strategy

Countries around the world are taking action to address climate change. This has significant implications for Canada, where a labour transition in the energy…Read More

Apr 06, 2023 / Climate Change

Cleaning up Canada’s Financial System for the Climate

Canadian banks and pension plans are still putting money into polluting investments. This is holding Canada back from a climate safe future. For Canada…Read More

Apr 04, 2023 / Protecting Ontario’s environment / Yours To Protect

Why the Federal Government's Rouge National Urban Park Study is Exactly What we Need Right Now

On March 21, 2023, Canada’s federal Environment Minister, Stephen Guilbeault, announced that he had commissioned a report on “the potential effects, including cumulative effects…Read More

Apr 03, 2023 / Climate Change / Federal Climate

5 Reasons Why the Federal Government Should Fund Public Transit Service

Did you know that Canada’s federal government doesn’t fund public transit service? The federal government only contributes funding to construct new infrastructure like light…Read More