Smart Growth / Oct 29, 2014

Election snapshot: citizens affecting change

On Monday night, as election results were tallied across the GTA, there was at least one trend: where citizens were engaged on development issues…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 27, 2014

Meeting the Canadians that Energy East puts at risk

This is a guest blog by notable photographer Robert van Waarden. Robert’s work has published in National Geographic Traveler and Canadian Geographic, and been…Read More

Toxics / Oct 23, 2014

Halloween should be scary fun, not scary toxic

For most parents, the scariest thing on Halloween is the inevitable late evening sugar crash. But forget about the sugar snacks and little monster…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 18, 2014

Oil prices are down, sounding the wake up call we need

Oil prices are at a 5-year low, and that’s having some big impacts on the Canadian economy. The Toronto Stock Exchange is plummeting in…Read More

Smart Growth / Oct 17, 2014

Greenbelt Forest at Risk

It’s fall. And, Ontario’s forests are their most beautiful right now. So it’s especially poignant that an Ontario woodland is at risk. Ontario’s progressive…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 14, 2014

Photos of people & places put at risk by Energy East

It’s one thing to describe the wetlands, rivers, lakes, forests or whales Energy East threatens. It’s quite another altogether to show you a photo…Read More

Toxics / Oct 12, 2014

Tip of the Month: Face Paint that Won’t Make Your Skin Crawl this Halloween

The scariest thing you will see this Halloween won’t be the little ghosts and goblins knocking at your door. It will most likely be…Read More

Smart Growth / Oct 09, 2014

2014 Environmental Commissioner Report: Good plans, now let's get moving to protect Ontario's Land and Water

By Susan Swail, Greenbelt Campaigner and Nancy Goucher, Water Campaigner This week’s report from Ontario’s Environmental Commissioner shows that the provincial government is on…Read More

Clean Economy / Oct 08, 2014

Line 9 reversal halted due to danger to rivers and lakes

The National Energy Board (NEB) just rejected Enbridge’s request for permission to restart its Line 9 pipeline until further notice. It turns out that…Read More

Toxics / Oct 07, 2014

Will new U.S.-Canadian agreement impact Canadian toxics control?

There are a lot of international trade talks happening these days, and different regulations and how they affect business are a big topic of…Read More