Aug 12, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

Rain gardens: nature’s water filter

When you see a beach swimming advisory, it is often after a heavy rainfall or snowmelt. Stormwater (rain and melted snow) that runs off…Read More

Jul 30, 2015 / Clean Economy

Coming to large buildings near you: new energy reporting policy

This is a guest blog by Bryan Purcell, Director of Policy and Programs at Toronto Atmospheric Fund. Toronto Atmospheric Fund (TAF) invests in urban…Read More

Jul 28, 2015 / Clean Economy

The Massive Nexen Oil Spill and the Illusion of Safety

Last week, Canada had one of its largest oil spills ever. And this was from a brand-new, state–of-the-art pipeline owned by tar sands oil…Read More

Jul 22, 2015 / Livable Communities

Higher density is key to the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s economic development and a sustainable future

In the 1950s, when the car was king, car-dependent sprawl subdivisions sprang up across the Greater Golden Horseshoe. We’ve learned a lot since then….Read More

Jul 20, 2015 / Livable Communities

Farming – an economic driver in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

In North America too often we tend to think about farmland as development land in waiting. That’s not surprising given that traditionally, our land…Read More

Jul 17, 2015 / Clean Economy

Canada geese running a foul on beaches

I talk to beach managers all the time, and one of the most common issues I hear about is Canada geese. They destroy grass,…Read More

Jul 17, 2015 / Toxics

How Polluted Are We? New Federal Data Shows Need for Action

Environmental pollution isn’t something that only affects the outdoors. Our bodies are permeable, and human beings are part of the very ecosystem we pollute….Read More

Jul 14, 2015 / Safeguarding Freshwater

The fouling of our streams and lakes with personal wipes

Have you heard of the personal wipe craze? Between 2003 and 2013, the international sales of these products nearly doubled to 170 billion units….Read More

Jul 10, 2015 / Clean Economy

March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate: A Family Affair

The day before the March for Jobs, Justice and the Climate, I received an unexpected email from my mom.  My mom said she might…Read More

Jul 08, 2015 / Clean Economy

Will Canada’s next federal government show leadership on climate change?

Canada’s federal election in October will take place just six weeks before the U.N. climate summit in December. As a result, Canadians do not…Read More