Nov 10, 2017 / Climate Change / Toxics

A united front for stronger environmental laws

It was all hands on deck this week in our nation’s capital. Environmental Defence joined with seven other organizations in an all-out advocacy effort…Read More

Nov 06, 2017 / Toxics

California continues to lead the way on labelling toxics. What about Canada?

Last month, the State of California enacted the first-of-its-kind law in North America to require the labelling of cleaning product ingredients. That’s right –…Read More

Nov 02, 2017 / Climate Change / Movement Building / Toxics

Alberta government gives Suncor a free pass on tailings, increases the liability of Albertans

Last week, the Alberta Energy Regular (AER) made a terrible decision that bowed to corporate power rather than protecting the environment and the public…Read More

Oct 27, 2017 / Climate Change / Toxics

Improving human health and cutting pollution are one and the same

Industrial pollution is killing people and making people sick—here in Canada and around the world. These are the tragic conclusions of a series of…Read More

Oct 24, 2017 / Climate Change / Movement Building / Toxics

New research finds that methane emissions can be reduced at little to no cost

The world’s leading energy think tank, the International Energy Agency, (IEA) released some startling findings this week showing that the global oil and gas industry…Read More

Oct 18, 2017 / Toxics

Ottawa considers strengthening Canada’s main toxics law

When it comes to protecting Canadians’ health and the environment from toxics, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) is a key tool. This law…Read More

Oct 18, 2017 / Climate Change / Movement Building / Toxics

New scientific research puts urgency to reducing methane leaks from the oil and gas sector

The research published today in a prestigious scientific journal adds to the mounting evidence that methane emissions from Canada’s oil and gas companies are…Read More

Sep 05, 2017 / Climate Change / Toxics

Why is nothing being done about toxic tailings ponds leaking into Alberta rivers?

The volume of tailings ponds from tar sands development has now exceeded a trillion litres…and growing. That’s the conclusion from recently published research.  …Read More

Aug 03, 2017 / Toxics

Guilty but not charged: Why is Canada letting Volkswagen get away with its diesel car pollution scam?

Two years ago, Volkswagen (VW) was caught red-handed selling cars with software that surreptitiously turned off the pollution control equipment of over 11 million…Read More

Jul 05, 2017 / Toxics

Why you shouldn't dry clean your "Dry Clean Only" clothes

Would you dare wash a “Dry Clean Only” silk top at home and risk ruining the texture or shrinking it beyond recognition? You might…Read More