Five things you may not know about farms and water

Dec 08, 2014 by Nancy Goucher ()

Categories: Great Lakes

Ontario’s agricultural sector contributes to a vibrant food system and prosperous economy that nourishes our communities and promotes health and well-being for everyone. Unfortunately,…Read More

Ontario’s Greenbelt is under threat

Dec 03, 2014 by Susan Lloyd Swail (Senior Manager, Livable Communities)

Categories: Smart Growth

Ontario’s Greenbelt protects farmland and natural areas like forests and wetlands from urban sprawl. It ensures that nature isn’t a long drive away, and…Read More

Cheers! Ontario takes action to limit water transfers within the Great Lakes basin

Dec 03, 2014 by Nancy Goucher ()

Categories: Great Lakes

By Anastasia Lintner, Lintner Law and Nancy Goucher, Environmental Defence Last Thursday, the Government of Ontario filed a new regulation that, commencing on January…Read More

Province moves to end SLAPP lawsuits; Anti-SLAPP bill reintroduced in legislature

Dec 02, 2014 by Susan Lloyd Swail (Senior Manager, Livable Communities)

Thanks to the Ontario government citizens will be able to participate in public debates without fear of being slapped with a lawsuit. Strategic Lawsuits…Read More

It’s time to put the chill on SLAPP lawsuits

Nov 28, 2014 by Susan Lloyd Swail (Senior Manager, Livable Communities)

Participating in public debates, speaking out for issues that affect us and our neighbours, these are basic principles in our democracy. Strategic Lawsuits Against…Read More

Closing the gate after the horse left the barn: TransCanada fires Edelman

Nov 27, 2014 by Adam Scott ()

Categories: Clean Economy

Yesterday, TransCanada fired its PR firm – Edelman, two weeks after Edelman’s strategy document for TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline  was leaked to the public. That document…Read More

Environmental and health organizations call for ban on triclosan

Nov 27, 2014 by Maggie MacDonald ()

Categories: Toxics

Evidence is mounting that triclosan has the potential to adversely impact human health, even more than previously thought. That’s why, along with over 50…Read More

Why we want to pop Canada's carbon bubble

Nov 21, 2014 by Keith Brooks (Programs Director)

Categories: Clean Economy

On November 27th, 6 pm, Environmental Defence and the Pembina Institute are hosting a free public talk about Canada’s carbon bubble. Come join us. …Read More

Canada feeling the pressure from world leaders on climate change

Nov 20, 2014 by Dale Marshall (National Program Manager)

Categories: Clean Economy

Over the past week, two significant international meetings have increased the pressure on Canada to do more on climate change. The diplomatic arm-twisting has…Read More

World Toilet Day: The "Flushable" Wipes Fight

Nov 19, 2014 by Nancy Goucher ()

Categories: Great Lakes

By Frances Anne Côté of Iroquois Falls, Northeastern Ontario Frances Anne emailed Environmental Defence a month or so ago to share her concern about…Read More