Climate Change / Feb 06, 2019

LRT is great, paying for it with the carbon levy is better!

Light rail transportation (LRT) is an excellent choice for Alberta’s sprawling cities to move people around quickly and cleanly. Light rail replaces cars on…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 05, 2019

Why we’re going to court over carbon pricing

  Ontario and Saskatchewan are investing millions of public dollars into a legal battle to block the federal government from implementing a Nobel-prize-winning policy…Read More

Climate Change / Jan 31, 2019

Polluter pay or walk away?

The Supreme Court of Canada has a made an important  ruling on a case that pitted the health of the environment against banks. The…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Jan 09, 2019

Four ways cars are getting more climate-friendly

  Driving creates a lot more carbon pollution than you think. On top of releasing harmful emissions like nitrogen oxides that increase respiratory ailments…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 21, 2018

The oil industry says it doesn’t want subsidies. For once, we agree!

Tis the season for giving and gratitude, so what was the response from oil and gas executives and their political allies to yesterday’s announcement…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 19, 2018

The Future is Wind

Great News! Alberta’s recent auction for wind power has shown once again that renewables are the cheapest form of new power generation. Alberta is…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 14, 2018

Come on Alberta, we can do better!

Alberta, we need to talk. We have an invisible, odorless, and valuable gas that we are just allowing to escape into the atmosphere, where…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 13, 2018

Alberta’s carbon levy is working

Since Alberta’s economy-wide carbon levy was introduced in 2017, a lot of claims have been made about the levy, both positive and negative. So,…Read More

Climate Change / Dec 11, 2018

As the climate crisis looms, why does Canadian oil and gas think it can keep expanding?

Expanding oil and gas production is undermining Canada’s ability to be a climate leader. And oil executives are successfully weakening and delaying Canadian climate…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 03, 2018

Ontario's new climate change plan gets a failing grade

After axing most of the province’s programs that reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution, the Ontario government’s promised plan to address climate change has finally…Read More