Clean Economy / Climate Change / Nov 22, 2015

Alberta’s Climate Plan: Game Changed

Ever have one of those days when all the assumptions you had about an issue turned upside down? Today is one of those days….Read More

Victory! Ontario citizens freed from the risk of being SLAPPed when speaking out to protect their communities

Thanks to the Ontario government, citizens will now be able to participate in public debates without fear of being slapped with a lawsuit. Strategic…Read More

Toxics / Jun 09, 2015

Thank you Ontario for saving the bees!

The bees are rejoicing! The flowers are breathing a sigh of relief. And the butterflies are feeling a little more carefree. That’s because today,…Read More

Pledging to do more this Earth Day and beyond

Happy Earth Day! Forty-five years ago today the first Earth Day was held in the United States. Driven by a growing awareness of the…Read More

A look ahead to what could be the green scene in 2015

Updated January 5, 2015: Thank you to NOW Magazine for sharing this story! As 2014 comes to a close, I thought it would be…Read More

Time to celebrate a year of making change in 2014

As we look forward to the holiday season, we also reflect about the past year. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to…Read More

2014 Annual Report: Celebrating 30 Years of Action

This past year was a busy one at Environmental Defence. We hosted a celebration of closing polluting coal plants with Al Gore, hosted a…Read More