Aug 23, 2016 / Climate Change / Toxics

Five Reasons to Vote for us as Toronto's Best Enviro Group

Toronto has a lot to offer – amazing food, music, art and some fantastic environmental groups. Toronto-based NOW Magazine is inviting readers to vote…Read More

Aug 19, 2016 / Climate Change

Now’s our chance for Canada to be a climate leader

Canadians have an incredible opportunity before us. The federal government has committed to creating a climate change plan for Canada in consultation with provinces,…Read More

Aug 15, 2016 / Climate Change

Energy East Would be a Bad Deal for New Brunswick

There’s no way to sugarcoat it. Energy East would be a bad deal for New Brunswickers. If built, the export pipeline would create few…Read More

Aug 12, 2016 / Climate Change

Husky Oil Spill a Stark Reminder of the Risks of Energy East

The oil industry keeps telling us that its pipelines are safe. But on July 20, a Husky oil pipeline in Saskatchewan ruptured, leaking up…Read More

Aug 09, 2016 / Climate Change

Time for a Reminder: Energy East would be an Export Pipeline

This week, the National Energy Board kicked off its Energy East review with panel sessions in Saint John, New Brunswick. As TransCanada and its…Read More

Jul 26, 2016 / Climate Change

Canadian and U.S. East Coast at Risk from Energy East Tankers, Report Shows

The opposition to the Energy East pipeline and tanker proposal continues to grow, not just in Canada, but in the U.S. as well. This…Read More

Jul 13, 2016 / Climate Change

Addressing climate change in Alberta

Environmentalists and oil sands representatives sitting at the same table? That’s not something you hear about everyday. But sometimes complex problems require problem-solving from…Read More

Jun 20, 2016 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

Why a carbon price alone would not make Ontario’s climate plan work

The Globe and Mail’s June 10th editorial argued that Ontario’s climate strategy should be boiled down to one, and only one, measure: putting a…Read More

Jun 17, 2016 / Climate Change

The Energy East pipeline’s official review just launched… and the project faces a growing wall of public opposition

Yesterday the National Energy Board (NEB) announced the launch of the official review of TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline and tanker terminal project. With…Read More

Jun 08, 2016 / Clean Economy / Climate Change

Ontario’s Climate Change Action Plan paves the way to a low-carbon future

Hop on your bike, mount some solar panels on your roof, take a deep breath of (cleaner) air, and get ready for bold climate…Read More