Clean Economy / Climate Change / Mar 21, 2016

Is a carbon pricing consensus coalescing in Canada?

Economists and environmentalists alike have stated for years that one of the most cost-effective ways to cut carbon pollution is to put a price…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Mar 15, 2016

First Ministers’ meeting paves the way for strong climate action...if the Prime Minister seizes it

The recent meeting in Vancouver between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers showed that there is the potential for strong, comprehensive action on…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 27, 2016

Ontario's new budget locks in climate action

Ontario has taken its most significant step yet in tackling climate change and building a low-carbon economy. Meeting emission reduction targets along with a…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 23, 2016

Skate to where the puck is going this RRSP season

This is a guest blog by Jonathan Lo, MBA, Vice President and Portfolio Specialist at AGF Investments Inc., who works on AGF’s North American…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Guest / Feb 18, 2016

Greetings from California, where cap-and-trade is working

This is a guest blog by Dave Welch, the President of Infinera Corporation, a California based technology company, and Peter Miller, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Feb 04, 2016

Get outta my dreams, Get into my (electric) car

An electric vehicle (EV) future might seem like a far-away dream. But with the right investments, smart policies and clever design, we can get…Read More

Climate Change / Jan 29, 2016

More Conservation, Less Pollution. Hurray!

Last week, we chalked up a win on climate change in Ontario. It’s not the kind of thing that grabs headlines. It’s likely that…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Jan 12, 2016

Memo to Metrolinx: Ditch the gas plant and go solar

This is a guest blog by Jamie Kirkpatrick, Program Manager for Blue Green Canada an alliance between Canadian labour unions, environmental, and civil society…Read More

Climate Change / Jan 08, 2016

Save Fundy

TransCanada wants to build Energy East, the largest-ever proposed tar sands oil pipeline from Alberta all the way to Saint John, New Brunswick. As…Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Dec 29, 2015

Climate Action in Ontario: Year in Review 2015

2015 could turn out to be a watershed year for climate action in Ontario. So much has happened in the world of climate and…Read More