Movement Building / Toxics / Aug 30, 2018

Good(ish) news! Our case against Alberta’s leaking tailings ponds will be investigated

  First the good news. The three NAFTA countries voted unanimously to allow an investigation to go forward on tar sands tailings ponds leaking…Read More

Climate Change / Aug 08, 2018

Five reasons why the Canadian government shouldn’t give more exemptions to polluting industries

Let’s start here. It’s good that Canada will have a price on carbon across the country on January 1st, 2019. Making polluters pay for…Read More

Climate Change / Jul 31, 2018

Mexico’s methane regulations prove once again that Alberta’s approach is badly out of step

  Yesterday, Mexico joined a growing list of countries showing leadership on reducing harmful methane emissions from the oil and gas sector, by releasing…Read More

Climate Change / Jul 17, 2018

Provincial opposition to carbon pricing is set to backfire

Last week, P.E.I. became the third province to question the federal government’s plan to put a price on carbon emissions. The province put out…Read More

Climate Change / Movement Building / Toxics / May 31, 2018

5 Reasons Why Alberta Methane Regulations Don’t Cut It

  New analysis shows that Alberta’s draft methane regulations will achieve less than half of Alberta’s methane reduction goal. In fact, as our joint…Read More

Movement Building / Toxics / May 15, 2018

Our case against toxic tailings ponds is in front of NAFTA’s environmental arm right now

We finally may have forced the Canadian government to take its head out of the sand and deal with hazardous waste from the tar…Read More

Climate Change / May 11, 2018

Now all of Canada’s federal parties say they will reach our international climate targets. The question is how.

In a CTV interview last week, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Scheer promised Canadians that his party will develop a detailed and meaningful climate…Read More

Climate Change / Movement Building / Apr 30, 2018

Canada passes first-ever emissions regulations for oil and gas companies

  This is a big deal. For the first time in Canadian history, oil and gas companies will be regulated for their carbon emissions….Read More

Clean Economy / Climate Change / Apr 17, 2018

We can have a strong economy and protect the environment...but not the way the Canadian government is doing it

  Last week we published a report laying out important research from two leading economists showing that Canada can meet or exceed our commitments…Read More

Climate Change / Movement Building / Mar 22, 2018

New study finds methane gas emissions are 15 times higher than reported by industry

  Once again, actual measurements at oil and gas facilities show that methane emissions are being massively underreported New research published today in a…Read More